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As written by RHAP Recapper/Intern Amy (@RHAPrecapper) 

Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back to discuss the week in Reality TV on the latest edition of Rob Has a Web Show on Wed, April 25th at 12 pm ET / 9 am PT. Nicole is feeling a little under the weather at the top of the show, but looking great. The Finchelor will be joining Rob and Nicole for an in-studio podcast tonight and Rob is worried John Fincher will outplaid him.

Rob talks about a website offering 1 million dollars to any woman who has had sex with Tim Tebow. Nicole gives her review of Titanic 3D, and Rob reminds us of the Titanic and Celebrity Apprentice podcasts he did over the weekend that you may have missed due to a disruption in the iTunes feed. So be sure to check those out if you haven’t already!

Rob and Nicole move into a discussion of some shady happenings on the Amazing Race. For the 2nd time this season, Mark and Bopper came in last place on a non-elimination leg. But the chat room informs Rob that BJ and Tyler also came in last twice on non-elimination legs in a past season. Rob and Nicole also talk about Bopper’s knee, Art and JJ, and Dave and Rachel. Mark imitates the Bollywood director from the dance challenge and they discuss whether Rachel will have to shave her head next week as previews would have us believe.

Rob then talks about his epic podcast with Russell Hantz. Rob doesn’t think there’s a better commercial for Flipped Off than that podcast. However, there was feedback that people did not like Russell and Mikayla picking on Brandon. Rob says Russell just might be earning his spot on Mt. RHAPmore.

Next, Rob and Nicole’s adopted 73-year-old son “Call Me Crazy” makes an appearance. Then Rob and Nicole attempt to get a game started with another video caller. After some difficulties, Rob gets a contestant, Apprentice blogger Jordan Kalish, for “Is Nicole Right?”.

The sponsor for the game is There is some controversy about whether Rob’s first question to Jordan was an example or whether it qualified for points. The records show Rob never said it was an example– he just said “Let me give you the first one.” So Nicole, Jordan, and the chat room were right! Jordan Kalish wins his very own Rob Has a Podcast coffee mug without any blemishes on his record.

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