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Rob Has a Web Show: Recapping the Amazing Race Finale

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As recapped by the Amazing RHAP intern and recapper, Amy (@RHAPrecapper) 

Rob and Nicole are back from NYC and a harrowing plane ride to discuss The Amazing Race Finale, Survivor, and more. They announce that the Survivor post-finale spreecast will be at 11:15 PM EST on Sunday, May 13th. RSVP now!
Rob and Nicole congratulate Edna on new baby Dean (which is an anagram of Edna). Nicole believes BareEase helps in the birthing process.

In baseball news, Mr. Heidi Strobel (Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels) threw a baseball at Bryce Harper. Afterwards, he admitted that he threw it at him on purpose. Rob and Nicole then get in an argument over Mr. Stephenie LaGrossa and Nicole’s baseball viewing habits. The chatroom feels Nicole won the argument, but Rob was the clear victor. [Editor’s note: Rob told me to write that.] Tune in to judge for yourself.

Spoilergate: A lot of people (or maybe just a vocal minority) were upset that Rob said Kat started following him on twitter last week.

Rob and Nicole talk about Reyes acting up in foul ways last night and leaving behind some evidence (that was not dirt) in the hallway.

Amazing Race: Rob and Nicole congratulate Dave and Rachel, the winningest team in the history of The Amazing Race. Rob marvels at how they were able to fight so much and still win 8 legs. They also analyze the physics of the sled challenge and whether Rob would be able to bring home the chicken. They also discuss Vanessa’s sprained ankle, which contestants would do well on Survivor, whether Mark and Bopper will be back for All Stars, and which TAR couples will last the longest.

WARNING: This web show gets an EXPLICIT rating around the 45 minute mark.

Survivor: Rob thinks Tarzan could win because of the bitter men on the jury. Rob and Nicole speculate about Kim’s end game and they debate about using an idol to get rid of Sabrina. They think Kim has 110% chance of making the final 3. Rob mentions how La CucaraCHA loves the Fincher video and is a great sport. Nicole predicts Sabrina will go home tonight; Rob thinks it’s Tarzan.

Fan Favorite: Rob’s Official Endorsement is rooster and friend of RHAP, Matthew J Quinlan. If he wins, it will really show the power of RHAP fans.

Coming Attractions: Keep your eye out for the Best of Survivor One World, the return of the Friggin 5, Rob has a Lovecast, movie and Glass House podcasts, the Big Brother Player rankings, as well as Rob has a Web Show throughout the summer!

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