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It’s the return of Rob Has a Web Show and this week Rob Cesternino is back with Nicole to talk about the latest happenings in Reality TV. Plus, Rob will share some stories about meeting Brendon and Rachel and Mark (but no Bopper) at this weekend’s Reality Rally. We will also break down the latest leg of the Amazing Race with the Double U-Turn and have a preview of Wednesday’s Survivor.

At the top of the show Rob mentions how listeners can donate $10 by texting REDCROSS to 90999 for tornado recovery. Rob also mentions his eBay auction to advertise on the podcast.

Rob talks about how he will be doing a podcast with Russell Hantz to discuss Flipped Off. Rob says it gives a good insight into Russell and Shawn’s relationship and predicts Shawn Hantz will be a breakout star. Rob also talks about the fun he had at Reality Rally… even though Team Interninos was the “last team standing” in the race.

Rob and Nicole then dive into the Amazing Race. They discuss Art and JJ, and Rob does several Bopper impressions. Rob is torn between rooting for Mark and Bopper and his new BFFs: Brendan & Rachel– he was really impressed by meeting them at the rally. Rob predicts Vanessa and Ralph will be out next. Rob is confident he will be able to interview Mark and Bopper in the future.

Taking some questions from viewers, Rob debates the merits of Romber vs. Brenchel. Rob and Nicole also briefly discuss Celebrity Apprentice, with Rob doing a Lisa Lampanelli impression.

Next, Rob and Nicole preview tonight’s Survivor. If Troyzan wins immunity, Leif may be next to go. It’s the Survivor Auction tonight, and Rob reminisces about how his cash burned in the fire during Survivor Amazon. They talk about how Jonas, Michael, and Jay don’t seem bitter so there may not be any jury outbursts. They wonder if Alicia could be the one to shake things up or if Kim might “pull a Coach” if she takes Chelsea and Sabrina to the end. Rob also discloses the best strategy in the history of Survivor: play crazy up until the final tribal council, where you then reveal your sanity.

Nicole talks about doing a fitness podcast and she informed Rob she may do a podcast with Joey Fitness. Rob also notes that there will be a Lovecast and a Big Brother all time rankings coming in June.

But of course, this recap only scratches the surface… be sure to tune in to see how great Rob and Nicole look, how healthy Jim’s plant is, follow along with the chatroom, and hear all of the insights, impressions, and sound effects you missed in this edition of Rob has a Web Show.

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