We Get Michael Jefferson’s Side of the Blind Side

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This week’s episode of Survivor One World featured our biggest blind side of the season as the tribe voted Michael Jefferson out of the tribe. Michael joins Rob Cesternino to discuss exactly what happened in his experience on Survivor.

Rob starts out by asking Michael what kind of alliance he actually had on Survivor One World and Michael says that he had a good relationship with everybody on the Salani tribe… or so he thought. Michael says that he wasn’t really aware of how much Troyzan didn’t like him during the game. Michael said they never had a great relationship but was surprised to see how little it took for Troyzan to believe Kim Spradlin’s lie.

Rob wanted to know how it was for Michael to see just how close Kim’s plan was to unraveling as he was talking in the woods with Jay Byars. Michael also revealed that he was especially close with Kat Edorsson and the two slept next to each other at night – which is the true sign of any real Survivor alliance.

Michael caused a lot of mischief in the game starting with stealing the women’s gear in the first episode. Michael said that nobody ever really figured out that he was the culprit. Michael also discusses how he threw Leif under the bus to Colton earlier in the season and how that conflict ended up snowballing into the men going to tribal council that night. Finally, Michael discusses the fight with Jonas Otsuji and Tarzan from last week that was caused by Michael. That conflict ended up potentially costing Michael as well since Jonas brought up a lot of good points to why Michael should be voted out of the tribe.

Of course, no episode of Rob Has a Podcast is complete without plenty of Tarzan talk. Michael actually gives us a great scoop about what Tarzan is doing with his Survivor buff and why you should never leave your buff around Tarzan.

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