Byars Remorse: An Interview with Survivor Jay

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Jay Byars was the latest Survivor male to figure out that “Survivor One World” happens to be a woman’s world. Jay got blindsided on the latest episode and joins Rob Cesternino to talk about exactly what happened.

Rob starts off by asking Jay how come he felt so secure this week with Kim Spradlin and Chelsea Meissner this week after being so suspicious about their plans last week. Jay said that he couldn’t really explain why, he just felt like the women were going to honor his word to the end. Jay said that he told Kim that Troyzan had the hidden immunity idol because he thought that he would have been working with Chelsea and Kim in the game longer than he was going to be working with Troyzan.

Rob asked Jay about if there was a possible romance going on between Jay and Chelsea on the island. Jay says that they were just friends and that Chelsea has a boyfriend. Rob also asked Jay why he was gunning for Alicia during last night’s show and Jay said it was because she had a relationship with Kat and because she seemed like the sneakiest of the remaining Survivors.

At the tribal council, Jay raised his hand and said that he thought he may not be safe. Rob wanted to know why Jay ended up feeling that way. Jay said that he had the dream that he had been shot and he just had an eerie feeling about the tribal council. Rob also asked Jay if he Tarzan was in fact voting with the women or if he was just mad at Jay and Jay said he didn’t think Tarzan was mad at him (even if he was wearing a women’s shirt).

Finally, Rob asked Jay if he could ever enjoy Chicken Wings and beer ever again and Jay mentioned that maybe he will open up a new Chicken wings and beer restaurant back home in South Carolina.

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