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Shane Powers has been one of the most reclusive Survivor personalities since his original appearance on Survivor: Exile Island. Shane has granted Rob Cesternino an exclusive interview to talk about his time on the show and his experiences with Survivor since leaving the show. Shane came by Rob and Nicole’s apartment with his girlfriend and former podcast guest, Jenn Hoffman (from The Apprentice) for in-person interview. Shane discusses why he has been reluctant to discuss his time on the show over the past six years and why he hasn’t done an interview since talking with Dalton Ross in 2006. Shane also describes his reasoning for not liking many of the players that have played on Survivor and their behavior after the show. Rob and Shane discuss some of the tension that had been between them since Shane original came off the show.

Shane gets into many of the details about his time on Survivor Exile Island. Shane felt as though Cirie Fields was protected to a great extent by the editors of the show to hide how much she betrayed Shane by swearing on her kids. Shane describes his relationship with recent podcast guest Aras Baskauskas and how they were like the parental units of the Casaya tribe. Shane gets into his strategy for playing the game and how it was unique from the ways that many others have tried to play Survivor.

Rob asks Shane about his relationship with Courtney Marit and how much it was like how it was depicted on the show. Shane reveals his only regret in the game which was not thinking of a plan involving getting himself and Terry Dietz to the end of the game. Shane also discusses seeing former tribemates Cirie Fields and Danielle DiLorenzo end up on Survivor Heroes vs. Villains back in 2010.

Its an amazingly candid interview with one of the more interesting people to ever play Survivor on a very special edition of Rob Has a Podcast.

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