Survivor Winner Yul Kwon ‘Reveals’ All and Checking In with Stacey Powell

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Yul Kwon was the winner of Survivor: Cook Islands and since that time he has been working in the FCC under President Barack Obama and now is the host of a new documentary series on PBS called, “America Revealed”. The series takes a look at a number of the systems and networks that directly affect each of our daily lives and just many different factors could wreak havoc with the process. The four episodes of the series will focus on Food, Energy, Transportation and Manufacturing. America Revealed premieres on Wednesday night, April 11th at 10:00 pm on PBS.

Yul joins Rob Cesternino and begins discussing how systems are in play, not just in our society, but also on Survivor. Yul discusses some of the adventures that he took part in such as jumping out of an airplane. Rob asks Yul if the type of order it takes to run our society was crucial to his Survivor strategy but Yul says that wasn’t exactly the case.

Yul discusses many of the factors that led to his win on Survivor Cook Islands. Yul mentions his previous relationship with a young intern, John Cochran, and his experience on Survivor last season. Yul talks about the evolution of his former rival Ozzie Lusth from Survivor Cook Islands through his performance on Survivor South Pacific. Yul also tells us about the changes he has seen in Parvati Shallow as she has progressed with her Survivor career.

Finally, Yul addresses many of the lingering questions from his Survivor experience. Yul explains exactly what the advantage was of his hidden immunity idol and how it required a great deal of strategy on his part to weild it correctly. Yul also reveals that he was throwing challenges to Ozzy on Survivor Cook Islands when the circumstances called for him not to win. We also gain much more insight into the relationship that Yul had with Jonathan Penner in the game and why Penner ultimately voted with Yul.

Following the call with Yul, Rob puts in a phone call to Stacey Powell from Survivor South Pacific. Rob asks Stacey for her thoughts on Tarzan, Colton Cumbie and the One World twist. Finally, Stacey gives us her thoughts about her Upolu tribemates who made the final tribal council including Coach aka Benjamin, Sophie Clarke and Albert Destrade.

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