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After an episode dominated by Kim Spradlin, Stephen Fishbach from Survivor Tocantins joins Rob Cesternino to talk about this week’s show. Rob opens the show with Nicole by saying that he has a case of Kimsanity and how Kim is his new Survivor crush. Rob is very impressed with her play from this season.

Once Rob gets Stephen on the phone, Stephen wants to discuss the conversation that Tarzan had with Chelsea Meissner about having hard feelings towards her plastic surgeon over not being happy with her breast implants. Chelsea assures Tarzan that this is not the case but was one of the best moments of the show.

Rob and Stephen begin talking about the game that Kim has been playing. Rob says that he is so impressed with the way she was able to manipulate Troyzan into voting out Micahel Jefferson on this episode. Stephen wonders if Kim might just be a very good player against a pool of below average players. Rob and Stephen break down whether Kim may have acted too soon to try and get Michael out of the game. Stephen thinks it may have been too early while Rob thinks that her timing may have been perfect since she needed to lie to Troyzan to get Michael out of the game at this point.

Trying to figure out what is next for Troyzan and Jay Byars, Rob and Stephen try to figure out what they can do. The guys try to figure out what Troyzan should do with his immunity idol and if there is any hope left for this pair. On the other end of the spectrum, Rob and Stephen discuss what could be next for Alicia Rosa and Christina Cha – who voted for Tarzan this week.

Finally, Stephen answers a number of your questions about Survivor, Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games and plays a few rounds of Ding, Marry, Kill on an all-new episode of Rob Has a Podcast.

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