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February 2012

03/01/12 - For the men, it had been smooth sailing through the first two weeks of Survivor: One World. Now after going to tribal council things are really heating up for Colton and "The Average Joe" alliance. We talk with Survivor Palau's Coby Archa and two-time Survivor champ Sandra Diaz-Twine about the latest episode.

03/01/12 - Matt Quinlan looked to be one of the more outspoken villains on Survivor: One World, but the self-proclaimed "Rooster" instead became the first person voted out of the men's tribe and the latest Survivor guest for Rob Cesternino and Nicole.

02/27/12 - It was a week of epic battling on Celebrity Apprentice, both at Medieval Times and in the boardroom as Lisa Lampanelli went head to head with Victoria Gotti. Rob and Nicole break down all the drama in this week's edition of the Celebrity Apprentice podcast.

02/27/12 - Jordan Kalish loves LAMPanelli on the Celebrity Apprentice. Find out why Jordan thinks that the women's project manager was the best part of this week's Celebrity Apprentice in a new guest post.

02/24/12 - Rob Cesternino checks in with author and Fantasy Sports columnist AJ Mass about the latest on Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice which have both featured trying times for the all female teams.

02/26/12 - Matthew Bok is back with another guest post talking about the big role that underwear and other unmentionables have been playing a big role on Survivor: One World. Plus Matthew looks into the future to predict what will happen next.

02/23/12 - Chris Daugherty was the winner of Survivor Vanuatu and now he joins Rob Cesternino and Nicole to tell us what he sees that is similar in the men vs. women twist from Survivor: One World and what he experienced on Survivor Vanuatu.

02/25/12: Rob's Survivor blogger, Richie Glanzer, is back again this week to describe how the woo girls of Survivor: One World made a huge error when they decided to vote Nina out of the tribe instead of Kat. Plus, who will win the hero and heel awards for the week?

02/23/12 - Not a lot went right for Nina Acosta during her time on Survivor: One World. She was forced to play on the dysfunctional women's tribe, she got bruised in the face and was voted out at the second tribal council. Nina joins Rob Cesternino to talk it over on Rob Has a Podcast.

02/22/12 - With Survivor premiering last weed followed by the premieres of Celebrity Apprentice and an Amazing Race featuring Brenchel, we are caught in a perfect storm of Reality TV!!! Rob and Nicole break down all of the reality tv news on a LIVE edition of Rob Has a Web Show on 2/22 at 12 pm EST / 9 am PST

02/27/12 - Jordan Kalish thinks Adam Carolla is looking like the man to beat on Celebrity Apprentice. Find out exactly why the Aceman might be in the best position to win in a Celebrity Apprentice guest post.

02/20/12 - Finally, the Celebrity Apprentice has come back into our lives with 18 new contestants all vying to become the next "Celebrity Apprentice" of Donald Trump. Rob and Nicole are breaking down the new cast and the premiere episode in an all-new podcast.

02/21/12 - This week, we debuted a new Survivor column from our blogger, Richie Glanzer who said the men didn't have a clue how to play this game - now we've received a counter point from Matthew Bok saying the Frat pack knows exactly what they're doing. Who is right?

02/19/12 - Rob Has a Website is proud to introduce Richie Glanzer who will be writing a Survivor column here every week. In Richie's first blog he explores why the Frat Pack is playing a phenomenal game... if this was Survivor: Borneo.

02/18/12 - Maya Rudolph returned this weekend to host Saturday Night Live for the first time in an episode that featured appearances by Amy Poehler and Justin Timberlake. Rob and Rich Tackenberg review this weeks show as well as the Zoey Deschanel and Channing Tatum episodes of SNL.