Nina Acosta Give Her Eye-Witless Account of the Women’s Tribe on Survivor

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Nina Acosta had a rough few days during her time on Survivor One World. She was not thrilled about being on teams that were separated into men vs. women. Then in the first immunity challenge she did a faceplant into the cargo net and came away with some bad bruising. The next two challenges did not go particularly well either as the women frustratingly lost both challenges on this week’s episode to the men. Nina was very vocal that she felt like the weak link in the group was Kat Edorrson and lobbied hard to have her voted out. Unfortunately, for Nina, the tribe decided that keeping the loyal Kat was the better move than keeping the better challenge performer in Nina.

Nina joins Rob Cesternino to talk about her experience on Survivor: One World and answer some questions about the rest of this women’s tribe.

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