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Dalton Ross Ranks South Pacific and Previews the New Seasons of Celebrity Apprentice and Survivor

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Dalton Ross from Entertainment Weekly and the host of the “TV Insiders Podcast” joins Rob Cesternino to talk about everything happening in the world of reality television. Rob starts off by asking Dalton Ross about where he ranked the last Survivor Season, “Survivor South Pacific” in his season rankings. Dalton says that he had Survivor 23 at #12 in his ranking because of three big moments: Ozzy voting himself off the show (and coming back), Cochran’s big flip and Brandon Hantz giving away the immunity necklace.

Rob asks Dalton to give a quick preview of who he likes on the upcoming Survivor One World. Dalton Ross says that he thinks Greg Smith is the one to watch out for from the perspective of great television. Dalton says he also likes the idea of the “One World” twist and is also in favor of the new twist regarding the hidden immunity idol. Dalton also is very wary going into the season about the chances for Bill Posley and Monica Culpepper.

Rob and Dalton turn their attention to the upcoming premiere for Celebrity Apprentice. Dalton says he cannot wait for it to begin as it is one of his favorite shows. Dalton finds himself surprisingly rooting for former American Idol star, Clay Aiken. Dalton also thinks that Lisa Lampanelli is playing to win this season and that Victoria Gotti looks like the Cryptkeeper. If Dalton had it his way, Donald Trump would also continue to run for office until the finale of Celebrity Apprentice.

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