Chris Daugherty on the Differences Between Survivor: One World and Vanuatu

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Since Chris Daugherty won Survivor Vanuatu in December of 2004, there has not been too much in the public eye. Months ago, Rob was contacted by Mario Lanza who first had the idea of getting Chris to come on to Rob has a Podcast… and finally that day has arrived. In an exclusive interview with Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino, Chris reveals his thoughts on how this season compares with Survivor: Vanuatu and much more.

Rob starts off by asking Chris how the men vs. women twist on Survivor: Vanuatu was similar to the men vs. women twist on Survivor: One World. Chris talks about how the women in Vanuatu had their act together much more than the women on Survivor: One World. Rob asks Chris about how the alliances broke in Survivor Vanuatu compared to this season with the four young strong guys separating themselves from the five other guys – exactly how things are playing out this season.

Chris has plenty of stories from Survivor: Vanuatu about what was really going on in the men’s camp and how he got to the end of the game. We ask Chris for his thoughts on who is playing the best game this season as well. Chris doesn’t have many favorites on the new season but thinks that Kim Spradin and Chelsea Meissner are some of the early standouts. Also, Chris was not a big fan of Colton Cumbie.

Chris answers a number of questions from the listeners posted on the Rob Has a Podcast Facebook Fan Page. Chris answers whether or not he would return to play Survivor again and gives his thoughts on who are the only players that are better than him. Chris also plays one of the best rounds of Ding, Marry, Kill in the history of Rob Has a Podcast.

Plus all of the best Survivor tweets, your comments and Jeff Probst’s inn appropriately out of context quote of the night… on the Survivor edition Rob Has a Podcast.

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