Here Comes the Rooster: An Interview with Matt Quinlan

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Matthew J Quinlan looked to be one of the top contenders to be the winner on “Survivor: One World” but instead he is the first person voted out of the men’s tribe. Matt Quinlan joins Rob Cesternino and Nicole to discuss his adventure.

First off, Rob asks Matt to explain why he was so obsessed with talking about Roosters, Chickens and turkeys during his time on the show. Matt explains where exactly things went wrong for him and he believes that it started with the tribes being divided into men vs. women.

Matt also explains his relationship with Colton Cumbie in the game and reveals some of the things he now knows about Colton that he wishes he knew then. Matt believes that Colton’s whole demeanor changed at the point that Colton received the hidden immunity idol from Sabrina. Matt thinks that Colton is every bit the same sort of alpha male that wants to be the dominant leader of the tribe.

On the subject of Troyzan, Rob asks Matt if he realized that Troyzan was the one gunning for him on this week’s episode. Matt says that he heard rumblings from the start of the game that he was on the chopping block. Matt felt like Troyzan was another one of the Alpha males in the tribe and if he could would with Troyzan they could form a dominant alliance and go far in to the game.

Matt also said that he really enjoyed the company of Tarzan during his time in the game. The hostility between Matt and Tarzan during the tribal council was just a product of Matt’s frustration during that point in the game.

All in all, Matt is a good sport about his time in the game and was very appreciative of having had the experience of going to play Survivor.

Matt is a San Francisco personal injury lawyer.

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