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ESPN’s AJ Mass on the Tough Week for the Women of Reality TV and Much More

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AJ Mass is the author of the book “How Fantasy Sports Explains the World” and a fantasy sports columnist for AJ takes some time out of his preparation for the fantasy baseball season by chatting with us about Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice from this week.

Rob opens the discussions by comparing the struggles that the women are having on Survivor with the struggles that the women are having on Celebrity Apprentice. Rob asks AJ about some of his theories which include men have more experience working in groups of only men.

Rob and Aj discuss the decision made my the women’s team to keep Kat Edorsson in the game over Nina Acosta, when it seemed like keeping Nina would be what was in the best interest of the team. AJ gives some examples of this is something that happens in sports all the time.

Rob gets AJ’s opinion on the Do it yourself challenge from this week’s episode and whether or not AJ thinks there should be more of them. AJ agrees with Rob that this is an experiment that is not quite working.

Shifting gears AJ discusses what he’s watching for during this new season of Celebrity Apprentice including how unfair it is for the celebrities to reach out to the big time donors. Rob also gets AJ’s opinion on the film “Moneyball” heading into Oscars weekend. Plus, Star Wars fan, AJ Mass discusses what his thoughts were on the re-release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Finally, Rob checks in with Erik Nelson, who was the winner of this years Rob Has a Pigskin Pickem’ league on Erik reveals his strategy for how he picked the winners and the surprising place he did most of his strategic thinking.

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