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Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 7 Rachel Chooses Her Final Four

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Amy and Haley are back after the Independence Day/Canada Day breaks to discuss The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 7, as Rachel Lindsay goes on three one-on-one dates, with Bryan, Dean, and Peter, as well as one three-on-one date with Matt, Adam, and Eric.
In this podcast, they talk about:
  • Rachel’s 1-on-1 date with Bryan, including expensive watch and orchestra serenade
  • Bryan discussing an ex breaking up with him due to his mom
  • Dean’s date going to a Catholic church mass
  • Dean’s insecurity about his family dynamic
  • Peter’s 1-on-1 date going on a sled-dog ride
  • The misleading preview about Peter acting like he wanted to leave and made Rachel cry, when really Rachel was crying about eliminating Matt and Peter was talking about feeling guilty about making an ex cry
  • The 3-on-1 date with Matt, Adam, and Eric
  • Matt and Adam lobbying to stay
  • Matt getting eliminated right away and taking his wine glass with him on the way out
  • Eric getting group date rose
  • Potential options for The Bachelor
  • Overall feelings about the remaining group of guys
  • listener questions and more!
Amy and Haley provide a brief update on the draft, mainly that they are both out with all of their guys eliminated. Follow Scorekeeper George on Twitter (@GeorgeCTV) for full draft point results this week.
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