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March 2012

04/01/12 - Rob Cesternino talks all about Survivor with old friend Jenna Lewis (Survivor Borneo, Survivor All-Stars) and Burton Roberts from Survivor: Pearl Islands.

03/30/12 - It was one of the most bizarre Survivor moments of all-time as Tarzan offended the entire tribe with his underwear. A man who is no stranger to seeing wild behavior on Survivor and the winner of Survivor: Exile Island, Aras Baskauskas joins Rob to talk all about it.

03/29/12 - Jonas Otsuji is a master sushi chef but on Survivor: One World he was the one who got served. Jonas speaks with Rob Cesternino for an interview about his time on Survivor and his big fight this week with Tarzan on Rob Has a Podcast.

This Wednesday, March 28th at 12:00 pm Eastern / 9:00 am Pacific, Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino are back to discuss all of the latest reality tv happenings on a new episode of Rob Has a Web Show. We'll start by recapping the Amazing Race and saying goodbye to Joey Fitness and Danny. On the Celebrity Apprentice, we'll talk plenty of Aubrey O'Day and Clay Aiken. Finally, we'll preview Wednesday night's episode of Survivor: One [...] Read More […] Read More

With 12 remaining Survivor One World player still in the game, Rob is joined by AJ Mass, fantasy sports columnist for ESPN. AJ is also the author of the book How Fantasy Sports Explains the World. In AJ's book he outlines 12 personality types that would make up the ultimate fantasy sports league and he returns to apply his paradigm to the Survivor One World cast. But before the Survivor talk, Rob asks AJ for [...] Read More […] Read More

03/25/12 - Let's Mock! This week on the Celebrity Apprentice the teams were charged with creating parties to promote the new line of Mocktails. Rob Cesternino and Nicole break down the events that led to the firing of Patricia Velasquez

03/24/12 - Winter is coming and so is the return of Game of Thrones to HBO. Rob Cesternino speaks with Jeff Pitman from True Dork Times about Survivor and Game of Thrones. We talk about all of your favorites from Game of Thrones and which Survivor players they remind us of on Rob Has a Podcast.

03/25/12 - Christina Cha has been dead woman walking through most of this season but due to the injury to Colton Cumbie and the recent merge, Christina's game might just be turned around. Rob's blogger Richie Glanzer breaks it all down in his new blog.

03/22/12 - Rob Cesternino talks with Vecepia Towery Robinson, winner of Survivor Marquesas about what might be in store for the Survivor One World players after the merge now that Colton Cumbie has been removed from the game. We break down everything from this week's Survivor on an all new Rob Has a Podcast

03/22/12 - Colton Cumbie has been the focus of much of Survivor One World, until this week when he had to be medically evacuated from the game. Colton joins Rob and Nicole to discuss the entire Survivor experience and the backlash that he has faced because of it on Rob Has a Podcast.