Bill Posley Addresses Colton’s Comments and What the Men Were Thinking

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Bill Posley was Rob’s pick to win it all on Survivor: One World but Bill got mixed in with the wrong crowd and got on the nerves of Colton Cumbie and now he joins Rob Cesternino and Nicole for an interview. Bill turned out to be the one who was sent home after the Manono tribe offered to go to tribal council after winning the immunity challenge.

Rob and Nicole ask Bill how he is doing after last night’s show. Rob wants to know why exactly Bill went along with Colton, Tarzan and Troyzan’s plan to go to tribal council instead of the women. Bill explains that he thought there was a chance they could blindside Colton Cumbie by exposing him at tribal council.

Rob asks Bill for his thoughts about his reaction to the comments made by Colton towards Bill over the last couple of weeks such as “kill yourself” and being called “ghetto trash”. Bill didn’t take too much offense to the comments and thanks Colton for the newfound street cred that he has gained.

Bill discusses some of the relationships that he had with the other members of the tribe such as the bond that he had with Leif Manson and the brotherly relationship he had with Jonas Otsuji. Bill also describes his own background and how he became the person that he is today.

Rob asked Bill if he’s continuing to pursue his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian or if he’s taken Colton’s advice and found a back-up plan. Bill says that everything is going well on the stand-up comedy front and he’s driven to keep making stand-up appearances and producing videos in the future.

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