Kiss the Cook Goodbye: An Interview with Survivor Jonas Otsuji

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On Survivor: One World the two tribes found out they were merging on last weeks show. Now as one tribe of 12, the Tikiano tribe voted sushi chef, Jonas Otsuji out of the tribe. Rob Cesternino gets to interview Jonas to get his take on his Survivor experience.

Rob starts off the interview by asking Jonas how quickly he realized that Troyzan and Jay Byars were going to vote with the women of the Salani tribe after the merge. Jonas said that he knew right away that Jay and Troyzan were going to be doing their own thing. Rob wanted to know why did Jonas push so hard for Michael Jefferson to go home instead of Tarzan. Jonas claims that there were people in the game who were looking to take Tarzan to the end of the game.

Rob wonders if maybe Jonas would have been better served in the game had there been another man, such as Bill Posley who got voted out when the men decided to to send themselves to Tribal Council. Jonas said that the decision to go to tribal after winning immunity was his biggest regret in the game.

After describing himself as Colton Cumbie’s bitch earlier in the season, Jonas wishes that he would’ve played more aggressively when it came down to Colton. Jonas said that he thought that playing passively would make him less of a target but evidently that wasn’t the case.

Lastly in the interview, Jonas also said that he thinks everything going on right now with Tarzan is very funny but Tarzan is a very abrasive guy to be around. Jonas doesn’t regret the things he said to the tribe when he was leaving tribal council either. He still thinks it was funny to laugh at the tribe voting out the only person who could cook.

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