Survivor Monica Culpepper on Getting Sacked by the Swap

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Rob Cesternino didn’t have high hopes for Monica Culpepper on Survivor. As the wife of former NFL player, Brad Caulpepper, Rob thought Monica might be entitled and lazy but in a rare occurrence even Rob sometimes is wrong. Monica was hard working and dominating in the challenges yet somehow she was voted out of the tribe and joins Rob to talk about her entire Survivor experience.

Rob starts off my apologizing to Monica for totally getting everything wrong about her. Rob asks Monica why nobody in the game wanted to work with her. Monica says that a number of the women like Chelsea Meissner, Sabrina Thompson and Kim Spradlin wanted to work with Monica but they all ended up on the new Salani tribe. Rob wants to know from Monica why her and Colton Cumbie didn’t see eye to eye. Monica explains the relationship she had with Colton during the game and how she was the rock to support him when he was homesick early in the game.

Rob’s theory is that Monica was too strong to be controlled by Colton and that’s why she was the target. Rob asks why Jonas Otsuji didn’t try to get something going with Monica. Monica said she couldn’t believe that Jonas would follow Colton after witnessing Colton’s comments towards Bill Posley at the previous tribal council.

Rob wants to know why Alicia Rosa was so quick to throw Monica under the bus that Colton was driving. Monica couldn’t believe that Alicia was able to betray her so quickly after the women made a pact to stick together. Monica says that she thinks Alicia is a “silly” girl.

While Rob was loving everything that Tarzan was saying, he asked Monica about how is it that Tarzan could follow Colton so blindly into the game. Monica herself was surprised that somebody who has had the life experience of Tarzan would take orders from Colton. Monica also tells us what the reaction was from her family of seeing her on the show.

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