Troyzan & Abed in the Morning: Gordon Holmes on Survivor, The Return of Community

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For many Community fans, the worst was feared when it was first announced that NBC was sending Community off to a hiatus but those same fans can rest easier knowing Community has returned. Community airs it’s first new episode in three months when it returns this Thursday, March 15th at 8:00 pm. Number one Community fan, writer for Xfinity TV and curator of The Survivor Hall of Fame, Gordon Holmes joins Rob to discuss his two favorite shows.

We start off with talking some Survivor and Rob asks Gordon Holmes if he thinks Colton Cumbie has already become the most hated Survivor of all-time. Rob and Gordon break down the latest Survivor happenings from this week’s show including Gordon’s crush on Chelsea Meissner, how badly Gordon and the men are doing in the Survivor power rankings and how will a switch change things on Survivor: One World.

Turning to Community, Rob and Gordon discuss what the future may hold for the students of Greendale Community College. Rob shares some stories from the Community Panel at this years Paleyfest. Rob brings up how show creator Dan Harmon has been teasing that someone on the show is going to die before the end of the year. Rob and Gordon both make guesses as to which Community character is going to be killed off.

Later the guys discuss what are the chances that Community will be back on NBC for season four, why Rob thinks Alison Brie is a little overrated in his book, how Jim Roush as Dean Pelton is pushing Chang out of the picture and whether everybody in the cast really does hate Chevy Chase.

Finally, Gordon takes your questions and comments from Facebook about Troy and Abed in the evil timeline, Undertaker vs HHH at Wrestlemania and the Survivor Hall of Fame’s potential voting changes.

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