Survivor Winner Aras Baskauskas Dishes the ‘Dirt’ on Tarzan

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It was a wild week on Survivor and excellent time to talk to the winner of Survivor: Exile Island, the founder of Tundra Hats and the front man of the band “Odd Us” Aras Baskauskas.

Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino open the show discussing the departure of Jonas Otsuji on Survivor: One World. Rob believes that Nicole is sad because she has a crush on Jonas. Quickly the conversation turns to Tarzan aka Greg Smith and what really happened with his underwear. Nicole is quite certain that it was not in fact dirt in Tarzan’s udnerwear, and that it was indeed poop. Rob thinks it’s pretty damning when you start any sentence with the phrase “It’s not poop…”

Rob connects with Aras to discuss what he’s been up to. Rob wants to know how One World compares to Aras’ season where there were actually four seperate tribes. The conversation turns to what it’s like for the Survivor One World players to deal with an eccentric character like Tarzan. Rob asks Aras about his experience with some of the eccentric players on his season like Shane Powers and Courtney Marit.

Rob breaks down the rest of the cast with Aras and tries to figure out who is in the best position to win the game. The guys think Troyzan is in a good spot but might fall just short of winning the game. Both Rob and Aras agree that Kim Spradlin is in the best position to win the entire game.

Aras answers a number of questions from the Rob Has a Podcast audience about himself and Survivor: Exile Island. Aras discusses what he thought of Cirie Fields and Danielle DiLorenzo on Heroes vs. Villains, his basketball career, what his band is up to, what he thinks of the characters Cirie and Aras on 30 rock and even plays a few rounds of Ding / Marry / Kill.

Finally, Nicole rejoins Rob to discuss all of the inappropriate out-of-context lines that Jeff Probst said during this week’s show.

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