Survivor Winner Vecepia Towery on if There’s Really Life After Colton

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Ten years ago, Vecepia Towery Robinson was the first African-American winner of Survivor. She won a game that took a real turn soon after the two tribes merged. Vecepia joins Rob Cesternino to discuss what might be in store for the Survivor: One World players after they’ve merged the tribes back together on this week’s show.

The most hated man on Survivor: One World, Colton Cumbie

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Rob and Nicole open the show talking about the reaction to the exit interview they conducted earlier today with Colton Cumbie. Rob discusses the criticism that he is receiving on not having been harder on Colton. Plus, he reveals why he thinks that Colton would likely not have won the game if not for being diagnosed with appendicitis… which was actually a bacterial infection.

Speaking with Vecepia, Rob compares Colton leaving the game at this point to when Boston Rob Mariano got voted out on Survivor Marquesas. Rob feels like the game is wide open at this point, just as it turned out to be for the players during Survivor Marquesas. Rob asks Vecepia what she thinks might be next for Jonas Otsuji who is no longer under the radar after the loss of Colton. Rob thinks he needs to pull Troyzan and Jay Byars back over to his site.

We discuss with Vecepia how Alicia Rosa has been treating Christina Cha. Rob thinks that Christina could be in a pretty good position going forward since she wont be targeted as a threat after the merge. Rob feels like Sabrina Thompson, Kim Spradlin and Chelsea Meissner are in control of the game and will dictate how the next few weeks will go.

Plenty of discussion from Survivor Marquesas including the historic Survivor move that took down the Rotu 4 and how Paschal picking the purple rock changed the game of Survivor forever. We also take a look at the evolution of religion and spirituality over the course of the history of Survivor.

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