Dawn Meehan on the Difficulties of Being a Survivor Mom

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Last season on Survivor South Pacific, Dawn Meehan found out just how tough it is to fit in on Survivor as an older woman. Monica Culpepper also found this out the hard way this week as she was voted out of the tribe. Rob Cesternino talks with Dawn Meehan to get her take on this week’s show and the first five week’s of Survivor One World.

Rob starts out by asking Dawn just how tough it was for her to fit in with her tribe. Dawn didn’t feel like she really struggled with fitting in with the younger players on her tribe too much or at least not as much as Monica did on Survivor: One World. Rob tries to find out from Dawn why Colton felt the need to target Monica since she never had any power in the game and was an asset in the immunity challenges. Both Rob and Dawn agreed that the reason Colton wanted her voted out was because she was a strong woman who would not go along with Colton’s plans.

Rob asks Dawn about fellow Utah native and fellow mormon, Jonas Otsuji and why he would go along with being “Colton’s bitch”. Rob and Dawn also both agree that this wasn’t the best move for Jonas going forward. Rob asks Dawn to analyze if Alicia Rosa made the right move by working with Colton or if she should have stuck with the women.

After finding the hidden immunity idol Dawn believes that Kim Spradlin is the woman to beat in this game. Rob thinks that this tribal switch is a lot like the tribal switch in Survivor: The Amazon when his new tribe agreed to work together while the men’s tribe still focused on getting out the woman. Rob would not be surprised if Kim, Chelsea Meissner, Troyzan, Sabrina Thompson and Jay Byars were the final five of the game.

Plenty of Tarzan appreciation on this podcast and discussion of his nominal aphasia, the new lodestar in the tribe and Dawn’s use of neologisms in her English Class. Rob threatens to boycot Survivor if Tarzan has a medical emergency next week and has to Medevaced from the game.

After plenty of your questions with Dawn about Survivor South Pacific, Ponderosa, Brandon Hantz and bread, Rob is joined by Nicole Cesternino to discuss your comments and the upcoming podcasts.

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