Profiling the Personality Types of the 12 Remaining Survivors with ESPN’s AJ Mass

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With 12 remaining Survivor One World player still in the game, Rob is joined by AJ Mass, fantasy sports columnist for ESPN. AJ is also the author of the book How Fantasy Sports Explains the World. In AJ’s book he outlines 12 personality types that would make up the ultimate fantasy sports league and he returns to apply his paradigm to the Survivor One World cast.

But before the Survivor talk, Rob asks AJ for his thoughts about Tim Tebow being traded to the Jets and what the fantasy impact of Tim Tebow might be. AJ doesn’t think that there will be a big impact made by Tim Tebow joining the Jets because as a QB he will have less passing attempts that another QB you would start. Rob is still excited for Tebow to join the Jets because the Jets are even more like a Reality TV show, combining two of Rob’s favorite things.

Turning to Survivor, Rob asks AJ for his thoughts on Colton Cumbie and how his game evolved over the course of the 5 weeks since AJ had last been on the show. AJ could not have imagined that Colton became so powerful in such a short period of time.

For the rest of the players, AJ sees Sabrina Thompson as “The Diplomat” and thinks that she is the best position to win the game. Rob and AJ run through the 12 personality types outlined in AJ’s book to try to pick out which Survivor player best fits each type.

We discuss the latest happenings on the Celebrity Apprentice and AJ thinks that this is officially the year that Donald Trump has lost his find. AJ believes that Trump is simply firing the most boring people every week and finds a reason to do so whether its deserved or not. Rob and AJ run through the cast and both agree that Aubrey O’Day, Lisa Lampanelli, Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken are looking to be in the best spots right not. Rob is concerned about Penn Jillette’s decision to be in the background and thinks it might get him fired.

Rob asks AJ about the film, “The Hunger Games” which opened this weekend. How asks how Fantasy Sports can help explain the Hunger Games. AJ says that the ranking provided to the tributes before the Hunger Games begins, such as the 11 given to Katniss Everdeen could effect the draft. Also, he recommends always betting on the player who volunteers for The Hunger Games.

Finally, AJ drops some fantasy baseball sleepers on us and some final predictions about the Mets on the latest edition of Rob Has a Podcast.


AJ Mass’s Book on Amazon: How Fantasy Sports Explains the World

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