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November 2011

11/28/11 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back with a special Cyber Monday edition of Rob has a Web Show discussing the rumor that Brendan and Rachel from Big Brother might be on the next Amazing Race and Russell Hantz's picks for the Survivor Hall of Fame.

It's Black Friday and Rob Cesternino and Nicole wake up from their turkey and wine induced coma to bring you an all-Survivor edition of Rob Has a Web Show. Today Rob and Nicole will be talking with Jeff Pittman from the Survivor website True Dork Times. Rob and Nicole recap how their thanksgiving was. Nicole kept her promise to make macaroni before she served a Thanksgiving turkey. Meanwhile Rob was very fixated on discussing a […] Read More

11/22/11 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole are getting ready for Thanksgiving with one last LIVE show before the big holiday this week. Join us LIVE on Tuesday, 11/22 at 12pm EST / 9am PST for all of the fun right here.

11/21/11 - Jason Segel hosted an all new episode of Saturday Night Live. Rob talks with his partner in the SNL Hall of Fame, Rich Tackenberg, about this week's show, the current season and, of course, the SNL Hall of Fame.

11/18/11 - Phillip Sheppard was in the center of everything on Survivor Redemption Island, this week he joins Rob and Nicole to talk about Coach, Cochran and all the latest in Survivor South Pacific.

11/18/11 - Nicole Has a Girlcast is back with the first ever video edition with special guest Andrea Boehlke from Survivor Redemption Island LIVE on Friday, 11/18 at 12 pm EST / 9 am PST.

11/17/11 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole speak with Jim Rice and Keith Tollefson from Survivor South Pacific mostly about what they think of John Cochran and his decision to betray them and the Savaii tribe on Survivor South Pacific.

11/15/11 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back for another edition of Rob Has A Web Show and taking your calls about the latest developments for Whitney Duncan, the hiatus of Community and Sasha Grey reading to first graders in Compton.

11/12/11 - Join Rob Cesternino LIVE as he talks with Gordon Holmes from Xfinity TV about Survivor South Pacific, Community and takes your LIVE questions.

11/11/11 - Rob Cesternino talks to Erinn Lobdell about watch Survivor Tocantins tribemate, Coach Ben Wade for the third time, John Fincher on NOT picking rocks and Nicole Cesternino on her Vegas trip and Survivor feuds.

11/04/11 - AJ Mass is a fantasy sports writer at and the author of a new book "How Fantasy Sports Explains the World". AJ reveals what Fantasy Sports has taught him about playing Survivor and John Cochran's decision to flip on Survivor South Pacific

11/04/11 - Parvati Shallow has been Around the world (for free) and back and now she returns to Rob Has a Podcast to catch up with Rob Cesternino and Nicole about her eventful trip, what she's seen and her thoughts on Coach and Ozzy.

11/04/11 - John Cochran made the Survivor move that everybody is talking about, including Rob Cesternino and Nicole. Rob and Nicole break down why they like the bold move Cochran made and whether he has any chance left to win the game on Rob Has a Podcast.

11/03/11 - Christine Markoski spent most of Survivor South Pacific on Redemption Island before being eliminated by Ozzy this week. What was Christine really going to do after the merge? We'll find out on an interview edition of Rob Has a Podcast.