From Long Island to Redemption Island: Our Interview with Christine Markoski

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Christine Markoski spent most of Survivor South Pacific as the queen of Redemption Island until she finally ran into Ozzy Lusth, one duel shy of returning to the game. Rob Cesternino and Nicole have a chat with Christine now that she’s been eliminated from the game. On this podcast, we’ll discuss:

Christine Markoski dresses as John Cochran for Halloween

I bet Ozzy hated Christine's Halloween costume

– What exactly went wrong between Christine and Coach aka Benjamin Wade? What did she think of Coach during his previous Survivor stints?

– Was Christine actually going to return to the Upolu tribe as Ozzy suspected or was she really planning on jumping ship to play with the Savaii tribe?

– Why did Christine choose to dress up as John Cochran for her Halloween costume?

– What was life really life for Christine during all the time she spent on Redemption Island?

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