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(For some reason the embedded video of the show claims the show ran for over 3 hours, but the actual run time is about 1 hour, 3 minutes).

On a special Cyber Monday edition of Rob Has a Web Show, Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino open the show after a long Thanksgiving weekend. Rob and Nicole discuss what is exactly the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday and get into some of the deals on Amazon.

It’s time for the question everybody is asking: Are Brendan and Rachel on The Amazing Race? Rob brings up the big breaking news from the weekend that Brendan Villegas and Rachel Reilly were spotted over the weekend at LAX as potential contestants for The Amazing Race 20. Rob and Nicole break down the history of the reality couples over the first 20 seasons of Amazing Race. Rob and Nicole both think that Rachel and Brendan will finish in the middle of the pack on the Amazing Race. Rob states that he believes that The Amazing Race is about conflict management, which is a skill that Brenchel has struggled with while living in the Big Brother house.

Rob does several impressions about the Rachel and Brendan news including what Jeff Schroeder and Shelly Moore would have to say about Brendan and Rachel’s decision. Rob also feels that after an Amazing Race win, it will only be inevitable that Rachel and Brendan will finally appear on Survivor.

Rob and Nicole discuss the ballot that executive committee member, Russell Hantz, submitted for his picks for the Survivor Hall of Fame. Russell selected Amanda Kimmell, Ozzy Lusth and Stephanie Valencia from Survivor Redemption Island. Russell claims that Stephanie was a victim of circumstance and could be ten times better at Survivor than Parvati. Rob agrees with Russell that Stephanie Valencia is an all-time Survivor luminary and may even be eleven times better than Parvati. Rob says that his ballot will include Stephanie Valencia, Krista Klumpp, Daniel Lue and Boo Bernis.

Finally, Rob and Nicole end the show with a round of lighting round questions and briefly discuss Lady Gaga using a phallic looking microphone, Anthony Weiner sporting a moustache for Movember and Justin Bieber finding out that he is not the baby daddy.

Join us for our next podcast on Thursday when we will talk to the most recently eliminated Survivor(s) and podcast with Jonathan Penner (Survivor Cook Islands, Survivor Fans vs. Favorites)

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