Savaii Spurned: Jim & Keith on Survivor with Cochran

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On Survivor South Pacific Jim Rice and Keith Tollefson were both members of the Savaii tribe with Survivor veteran Ozzy Lusth. They also were tribemates with a man by the name of John Cochran – who was the Survivor player that would most impact the game of these two men on Survivor South Pacific. Rob Cesternino and Nicole have a chance to talk with Jim and Keith following their loss in the Redemption Island duel to Ozzy:

– What do Jim and Cochran have to say NOW about Cochran’s decision to vote with Upolu after the merge? Do either of these two now see that Cochran’s move was a good decision for him going forward in the game?

– What would have happened to John Cochran had he decided not to switch to vote with Upolu. How would the game have played out if Savaii became the final six players left remaining in the game? How would Cochran have done in that scenario?

– Does Jim regret the decision to have Ozzy vote himself out of the game knowing what he knows now. How does Jim think the game may have gone differently if Christine Markoski was in the game after the merge instead of Cochran. How would that scenario have played out according to Jim?

– What about the decision that Keith and Jim made early in the game to vote out Elyse Umemoto and keep Cochran in the game. Does either Jim or Keith regret making that decision to vote Elyse out.

– And what can Keith tell us about his relationship with Whitney Duncan? When can we expect to hear a full explanation of what really is happening between Keith and Whitney.

It’s a double dose of Survivor exit interview today on Rob has a Podcast

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