Rob Has a Web Show: Gordon Holmes on Survivor South Pacific and Community

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On a Saturday Edition of Rob Has a Web Show, Rob Cesternino speaks with Gordon Holmes from Xfinity TV about the latest happenings on Survivor South Pacific, the third season of NBC’s Community and the next round of voting for the Survivor Hall of Fame. On this LIVE edition of Rob Has a Web Show we will discuss the following:

– What is the latest developments in the story that People Magazine broke this week about the news that Whitney Duncan may have been married during her time on Survivor South Pacific? Did Gordon Holmes know about her marital status upon meeting her pre-game?

– Why is Gordon Holmes such a fan of Coach Ben Wade? What were Gordon’s impressions of his favorite player prior to the game beginning on Survivor South Pacific?

– Which of the remaining players in the game have an actual shot to win the million dollar prize and which of the players are just drawing dead according to Rob?

– Plus we’ll hear from two of the most controversial figures in all of the Survivor Universe. Shannon Elkins calls in to discuss his feud with Ozzy Lusth and why he’s become a fan of Cochran. Also, Shannon tells us what the opinion back in Louisiana is of people watching Brandon Hantz. Then later, Murtz Jaffer calls in to ask how these returning players hold up when being compared to the game that Boston Rob played last season.

– Gordon and Rob discuss Community season 3 and Rob explains why Community fans should be very worried about the longevity of their favorite show.

– We’ll discuss what were the things that worked, like Remedial Chaos Theory in Season 3 of Community and what are some things that didn’t (like Chang being a cop).

– Gordon also reveals the plans for the upcoming voting for the second class of the Survivor Hall of Fame.

– And most important of all we take plenty of questions and video calls from the audience on a special Saturday edition of Rob Has a Web Show.

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