Parvcast III: Around the World and Back with Parvati

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Parvati Shallow has gone around the world for Free and now is back in the United States and back on Rob has a Podcast. Parvati talks to Rob Cesternino and Nicole about her adventures including:

– How did Parvati get injured while traveling through Africa?

– Would Parvati want to go Around the World for Free for another season?

– What advice did Boston Rob have for Parvati as they compared notes about their around the world shows?

– What does Parvati have to say about the latest iterations of Coach and Ozzy Lusth on Survivor South Pacific? What are Parvati’s feelings about the comments Brandon Hantz made about her?

It’s a Parvcast worthy of the number one Survivor player of all-time… as ranked by the listeners of Rob has a Podcast… it’s Rob Has a Parvcast 3!

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