Erinn Lobdell on Coach 3.0, Survivor Twitter Feuds & John Fincher on NOT Picking Rocks

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0:04:20 – Erinn Lobdell
1:26:35 – Nicole Cesternino from Vegas on Twitter Feuds & Comments
2:02:00 – John Fincher on NOT picking Rocks

Erinn Lobdell played Survivor with Coach Ben Wade during Survivor Tocantins and has been watching his game very closely through all of Survivor South Pacific. Rob Cesternino is flying solo as Nicole Cesternino is away in Vegas on a nursing conference. Rob talks with Erinn about a number of Survivor topics including:

– What does Erinn think of Coach’s game the third time around? How does Erinn think Coach has changed his game from the game he played in Survivor Tocantins?

– What does Erinn think of the game being played by John Cochran and his decision to swap his tribal allegiance on the last episode?

– Now that Ozzy has been voted out of the game for the second time, does Erinn agree with Rob that Ozzy’s chances to win the game may have actually improved?

– How is John Cochran’s situation this season similar to what Erinn experienced during Survivor Tocantins?

– What about all of the Survivor feuds on Twitter. Rob talks to Nicole about Russell Hantz vs. Stephen Fishbach, Jonny Fairplay vs. Parvati Shallow, Shannon Elkins vs. Ozzy Lusth and more.

– What does John Fincher think about John Cochran’s decision to switch his allegiance and not pull rocks – the same decision that John Fincher made during Survivor Samoa.

– What does Nicole have to say about her trip to Vegas and how much is she drinking?

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