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How Abi-Maria Took Down the Tandang Tribe

A predictable vote gives Guest Blogger Sarah Freeman time to look back at the Tandang tribe and analyze how they viewed each other. Who made the mistakes that led to the tribe's downfall and just what is up with Abi-Maria's social game?
Survivor: Philippines

Baker’s Dozen: Did Mike and Lisa Intentionally Split the Vote?

So, how does Guest Blogger Andy Baker follow up last week’s egregious misread of Penner’s vote for Abi? By hatching two more crazy theories, of course! If you want to know if Lisa was aware that Mike was going to flip, and why Mike would be okay with a split-vote strategy – as well as peruse a quick Edit Audit – then you simply have to check out this week’s Baker’s Dozen!

Sarah Freeman Takes the Good and Takes the Bad on Survivor

What should have been a straightforward vote this week is actually one of the most difficult to analyze as the editors saw fit to craft a completely different story from what really went down on the island. Guest Blogger Sarah Freeman pieces together the actual chain of events and gets on her own soapbox about morality when it comes to Survivor.