Survivor: Edge of Extinction

Living on the Edge

Survivor’s latest twist has been met with a lot of apprehension. It’s Redemption Island without the population limit. You leave the game of Survivor, and you begin a whole other endurance challenge… can you wait out a much harder set of conditions indefinitely, for an undetermined shot to get back in the game? In theory, […]

Idol Attraction

In the final installment of this blogging series looking at the gender disparity in finding idols on Survivor, I take a look at the psychology of how men and women approach the game, give my personal theory on the issue and suggest how both future female players and production might be able to redress the […]

Women and Idols: A Survivor Player’s Guide

Over 2018, the hottest Survivor statistic was the gender disparity between women and men finding idols. This year alone, thirteen idols were found, twelve of them by men. The lone female finder, Angelina Keeley, brought up the stat herself and the fact that it was included in the show suggests that production are also taking […]
Survivor: David vs. Goliath


Sarah Channon writes special feature blogs for RHAP focusing on the social dynamics at play in Survivor. Here, she breaks down the finale of David vs. Goliath which continues a trend: Was Nick’s win a foregone conclusion? Did Mike have a chance? Would Angelina’s chances be better if she were a man? At the merge, […]
Survivor: David vs. Goliath

Jury Jeopardy – David vs. Goliath

Every season, Survivor’s finest writing websites come together in a competition to predict how each juror will vote. And every season, Austin Smith at Inside Survivor destroys us all. But this is the season of David vs. Goliath. A season which some might say is the best season ever. (Don’t @ them.) So A Tribe […]
Survivor: Ghost Island

Jury Jeopardy – Ghost Island

Do you want to play a game? Follow the words… Survivor writers across the internet come together once more in the season’s most sacred ritual: predicting how the jurors will vote. Last season, Austin Smith at Inside Survivor won by predicting five out of eight votes correctly. Now he’s defending his title against True Dork […]