Big Brother 15, Big Brother

Sa[BB]ermetrics: The Hidden Value of Motivation in Backdoor Success Rate – 08/20/13

Much of the strategy discussion this week in the Big Brother house centered on whether the presumed eviction target, Helen, should be nominated straight away or backdoored. The argument against option B is that even though nominating her straight away, ensures she plays in the veto competition, it doesn’t significantly change the probability of winning POV since only 8 people remain in the house.
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Big Brother 15, Big Brother

Sa[BB]ermetrics: Evaluating Competition Ability with Advanced Statistics

Total number of wins in POV and HOH competitions is the traditional statistic used to evaluate competitive prowess in Big Brother. This simple metric highlights Janelle as the greatest competition player in the history of Big Brother because she holds the record of 9 HOH/Veto competitions wins in a single season. Similarly, it suggests that Dr. Will -- who won a grand total of zero competitions over 2 seasons (and 147 total days!) in the Big Brother house -- is the worst competition player of all time.
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