Survivor Blog: The Impact of Luck on Survivor Philippines

This week, Matsing meets its final fate, Kalabaw finds itself jinxed, and fortune smiles upon Tandang. Guest Blogger Sarah Freeman looks at how the individual players handle their good and bad luck this week and puts in her two cents on Pete bromancing Malcolm, the strategy of the Kalabaw women and whether Dana quit or was med-evaced.


Guest Post: How Malcolm & Denise Found New Life on Survivor

Time to stop beating a dead horse. Survivor Philippines has done away with the Blue Tribe. Absorbed into Kalabaw and Tandang, the Matsing Two are separated and stranded behind enemy lines. Guest blogger Glenn Holford tells us how they were able to turn their games around.

Survivor: Philippines

Andy Baker’s Mega Survivor Phillipines Preview

Andy Baker previews the upcoming cast of Survivor 25 with an in-depth look at all 18 of the players competing on Survivor Philippines