Jonathan Penner on the Story of Malcolm on Survivor Caramoan

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Rob Cesternino talks to Jonathan Penner from Survivor Cook Islands, Survivor Fans vs. Favorites and Survivor Philippines about the latest developments on Survivor Caramoan.

Rob starts off by asking Penner about his castmate from Survivor Philippines, Malcolm Freberg after Malcolm was voted out of the game. Penner says that he was rooting for Malcolm during this season and was sorry to see him go. However, Penner disagreed with Malcolm’s strategy to give away the idols to the other two bros. Penner would’ve kept both the idols for himself for as long as he could.

Rob and Penner have a long conversation about Phillip Sheppard and Penner talks about why he was not a fan of Phillip. Penner felt like Phillip’s antics was one of the reasons that the first half of the season was popular with the fans. Rob asks Penner about his thoughts about his castmate from Survivor Fans vs. Favorites, Erik Reichenbach. Penner doesn’t think that Erik has a strategy and thinks that he is boring. Rob wonders if Erik’s refusal to play the game is a result of getting burned so badly in the first game.

Penner discusses the Survivor auction and the fact that he was voted out twice in Survivor episodes with an auction. Rob and Penner break down some of the mistakes that the players made during the game.

Penner answers a number of questions from the listeners of Rob has a Podcast submitted on our Facebook page.  Later, Rob is joined by Nicole Cesternino to discuss the answers to your voicemails.  Rob and Nicole also play a round of “Brocial Media”, trying to guess which of the Bro’s said each quote.

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