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25 Questions from the RHAP Community: Volume 7

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25 Questions from the RHAP Community: Volume 7

Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino take on 25 questions sent in from the listeners of RHAP.


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Show Questions:

1) ONE

Jeffrey Goldstein Can we get a winner pick for BB20 from Nicole?


2) TWO

Amanda Danforth If Nicole wasn’t married to Rob, does she think she would’ve been interested in watching Survivor?


Mike Zaun:  If you could have Rob hooked up to a lie detector and ask him any 3 questions what would they be?

Please recite the questions in your best Ed Torian voice impression possible.



Steve Baun If rob didnt podcast what career would you pick for him



Chris Bragg: What do you think of the bonus CBS All Access coverage of Survivor?  How do you think they could improve it? I personally find it to be underwhelming, scattershot and not easy to get to.  Maybe instead of all these “clips” they could do a longer cut of the episode – provide more coverage of the purple-edited people – and do other things like a full/longer/better reunion show where they actually talk to the players.


6) SIX

Joe Brochacho? @JoeBrochacho 6h6 hours ago

Will the “Love Know-it-Alls” return and will Nicole be a guest on it?


Meredith Roesing Robinson If Rob were to go back to play Survivor again, on a scale of 1-10 Kristen Abbates, how do you think you would handle it? And how many “I hate you” messages would you leave on Rob’s voicemail while he was gone?



Taylor Cotter? @taylorcotter 6h6 hours ago

Nicole, what’s one question you wish people would ask you?



Vic Shuttee: Will Season 40 be all winners?


10) TEN

Tim Westine We realized Nicole knows 14 survivor winners. Can she name 4 big brother winners in 30 seconds?



Maureen Wessel Saunders Rob, I know that you have logged a ton of hours behind the mic but what is your favorite podcast of Alllll Timmmmmeeee ???

Nicole, same question?



Mike Christiansen I’ve been listening to a lot of TEOS lately and was wondering, are you going to make yourself binge the first 3 volumes in preparation for volume 4 when the time comes? How weird is it to listen back to old conversations you’ve had?



Simone Nguyen? @simonetnguyen 5h5 hours ago

I want wedding advice! What do you wish you had known, and how can I ensure that I eat at my own wedding?



Jennifer Jones Nicole, can you give us any juicy stories from the mom group? ?? Mom group drama



Emma Rose How does Nicole think her and Rob would do on a Season of Amazing Race?


15b) SHRiley? @shriley41802 2h2 hours ago

If you were offered to go on a Survivor Blood vs. Water season together, would you want to do it? (Assuming you could work it into your schedules and that you had someone you trusted to take your kids)



Jennifer? @_j_mo_ 3m3 minutes ago

How did Nicole decide on NICU nursing? My niece was in it for her first 9 months, went home on vent with trach & feeding tube, was 1:1 when she was born for months. The nurses saved her but also my sister in law and brother during that time. I can’t imagine the stress of the job!



Andra Feldman What is Nicole’s most embarrassing moment?



Walt Macklin:

Rob, what do you think of the new ABC show Castaways?  Any plan to cover it this August?



Adam Berkowicz Who does Nicole think is the best Survivor winner of all time and why is it Bob Crowley?



Callan Brunsdon What’s your favourite and least favourite show or film that the kids watch?



Jonathan Tanner:  Whenever my wife has a few too many drinks following a productive evening at book club or a Wednesday party session with Mom’s group that invariably ends at 9:00pm, she like to come up with names for me that she thinks are super funny such as: “Hot Stuff” or “HaramBAE”.

What cocktail inspired, pre 10:00pm nickname does Nicole have for Rob and why is it “Fun Bobby”?




Logan? @loganBadair 7h7 hours ago

has Rob been more or less rigid in 2018?



Glenn Goodbar:  who are your favorite professional wrestlers?



Joe Brochacho? @JoeBrochacho 6h6 hours ago

Would you ever do another Reality Gamemaster series? I bet a lot of the newer listeners aren’t aware of the original one you’ve done and would really enjoy it (I only recently stumbled upon it myself)



Graham from the Bay:  What’s the most rewarding thing from the podcast

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