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The Road to Vegas Carcast Special: 25 Listener Questions

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Show Recap by Scott St. Pierre

As Rob and Nicole Cesternino head to Las Vegas for the New Media Expo, they answer the top 25 questions submitted by listeners on the Rob Has A Podcast Facebook page.

Curt Witha K asks if the head shaving is still going to happen when Rob Has A Podcast wins at the 8th Annual Podcast Awards for Best Entertainment Podcast or has Nicole taken countermeasures to ensure a loss?

Nicole is genuinely upset about the head shaving idea to the point that she is no longer routing for Rob to win. She does not like that Rob has put her in the position where she does not want Rob to win. Nicole did not vote for Rob to win and will beat up Dan Gheesling (the head shaver) if he attempts to shave Rob’s head. Rob states that the head shaving is on and mentions that the awards will be streamed online at 6:30pm PST (

Tim Lamaster asks, when are you going to do Miss Survivor and will Parvati be exempt this year?

Rob mentions that we are a little behind the 8-ball on this, but hopes to have everything in place by Wednesday. Also, Rob mentions some of the new Miss Survivor rules, including:

  • Miss Survivor 2013 must have played Survivor on television in 2012 (i.e. seasons 24 and 25)
  • There will be only one week of voting this year.
  • In true Survivor fashion, we will have a final 3.

Parvati will not be eligible, but would be in future years if she returns to play in the future.  Rob suggests the female Survivor players should be getting their campaign plans ready.  Nicole will not be giving an endorsement this year.

Mary Tillger asks, looking back on 2012, who were the best reality TV show winners (i.e. Kim Spradlin, Denise Stapley, Beekman Boys, etc) and who were the most memorable non-winners?

Rob mentions that he feels Rob Has A Podcast should host a version of these type of awards and is thinking the end of May, after the television season, would be a good time.  That being said, Rob’s most impressive winner was Survivor One World’s Kim Spradlin (so impressive that the show became boring to watch).  In second place, Dave and Rachel Brown from the Amazing Race, last spring, with their record tying 7 leg wins.  Ian Terry and Dan Gheesling were a Sammy Sosa/Mark McGwire team where they made the other more interesting. The most memorable non-winning players were, from Survivor One World, Colton, Tarzan, & Troyzan; from Amazing Race in the spring, Brendon & Rachel, Mark & Bopper; from the Celebrity Apprentice, Aubrey O’Day, Lisa Lampanelli; from Big Brother, Ian Terry, Willie Hantz, and all the returning players; from Survivor Philippines, Penner, Skupin, Malcolm (also Nicole’s vote for biggest dreamboat), Abi-Maria; and from this fall’s Amazing Race, the Twinnies.

Nicole mentions that Brendon & Rachel have announced their retirement from reality TV but Rob insists that no one can truly ever retire.

Pamela J. Hagerty Williams asks Nicole if she had seen Survivor Amazon before meeting Rob?

Nicole was a good friend of Rob’s sister since the 7th grade.  During the broadcast of the show, Rob’s parents would have a party every Thursday.  Nicole (who never misses a party) would attend these events, invited by Rob’s sister. Nicole feels that the opportunity to get to know Rob on these Thursdays is what attracted her to Rob and not the television show itself, that the show was actually a bit of thorn in the side of their relationship at times. She actually doesn’t total like that Rob was on Survivor, but she does like the opportunities that the Survivor experience has created and she thoroughly enjoys the life they have together.

Jon Calvin Waddell asks if Rob and Nicole would rate seasons 21 through 25.

Rob starts out by explaining that Heros vs Villains (S20) was a big boost for Survivor.  In the following 5 seasons, he ranks the seasons as:

#5 – S21 – Nicaragua – ranked low because the quitting and the old vs young was not well received.  Also, Fabio was not a worthy winner.

#4 – S24 – One World – While people were excited by the idea of men vs women, once Colton left, the show got boring. Kim’s control of the game made it predictable.

#3 – S22 – Redemption Island – Boston Rob vs Russell was exciting but once Russell was gone, Rob seemed to control everything, making it boring. No one seemed to enjoy the Redemption Island twist.

#2 – S23 – South Pacific – Ozzy voting himself out to Redemption Island, Elise being blind-sided, and when Cochran flipped at 12 were exiting moments.

#1 – S25 – Philippines – Probably peaked too soon but was definitely the best of these five years, although it became predicable closer to the end.

Natalie Kuckik asks if Rob knows that some of the current season’s (S26) castaways listen to Rob Has A Podcast, will he still give it 100% when talking about their gameplay or “softball” it?

Rob’s rule is that he pretends everyone is listening, whether they are or not. He tries to never say anything that he wouldn’t want to them to hear. Rob calls himself a coward (with his self-deprecating humor) then Nicole corrects him to say that Rob is just respectful.

Carl Hedlund asks, if Rob agrees that Survivor remains popular because it appeals to both men and women equally?

Rob agrees that Survivor does appeal to both men and women but the reason that that Survivor has remained popular is because it is about the human condition and people interaction.  All ages and genders can relate to the interactions and conflict.  Rob also feels it is a family-friendly show.  It is also inexpensive to produce.

Jeff Spence asks, regarding the Amazing Race, since the Beekman Boys were in last place all season then won because they could say hello in many languages, is the Race flawed?

Rob feels that situation was flawed, but feels the show has always been flawed since every episode resets itself.  This resetting, however, is necessary for television purposes. They can’t just let one team get three episodes ahead.

Zach Brooks has enjoyed the Survivor Amazon commentary and wants to know if Rob has any plans to record commentary with other castaways for other seasons?

Rob says it is a possibility. It was a lot of work, although some of the work is now in place.  Rob wants to know if he should be on the commentary or just the players of the season.  Nicole would want Rob to be a moderator.  Rob has some business concerns that need to be addressed but does reserve the right to record more commentary. (Editors note:  The commentary gave great insight and is a must-listen for any Survivor fan)

Liam Carlson wonders, out of the 24 winners, who would not be brought back to an all-winners season and who would win?

Rob and Nicole agree with Liam and think Aras would have a good shot to win being likeable but low key.  Rob feels the castaways would go “big game hunting” and go after Boston Rob, Parvati, Richard Hatch, etc.  Rob does think Sandra could win again, that she could slip through a third time since people do not seem to respect her game.  The people who would be left off would be those who turn down the opportunity, are not memorable (possibly because of time since they previously played), and winners who were boring. After reviewing each winner, Rob and Nicole came up with the following potential returning lists:

Men In:  Richard, Aras, Yul, Earl, Todd, JT, Boston Rob, Chris, Tom

Women In:  Tina, Jenna, Sandra, Danni, Parvati, Natalie, Sophia, Kim, Denise

Out: Vecepia, Brian, Amber (kids), Bob, Fabio, Ethan (health)

Jordan Parhar asks if Rob and Nicole if they have seen the tattoo on the head coach of the NY Jets, Rex Ryan, of his wife in a (Jet’s quarterback) Mark Sanchez’s jersey?

Rob and Nicole think it’s crazy and Rob questions the choice of this tattoo when the life span of an NFL head coach is so short.  Nicole thinks the tattoo is fake.

Daniel Oliver wants to know who won the 3rd Tundra CAPtion Contest?

Rob apologizes not announcing the winner of the last Tundra CAPtion contest earlier.  The winner was Eric Connelly with “I just saved a bunch of money on my heating bill by switching to Tundra Hat”.  There will be a Miss Survivor themed Tundra CAPtion Contest featuring Parvati. If you would like to purchase your own Tundra Hat, visit: and save 25% with the Promo Code:  RobHasAcoupon

Curt Witha K would like an update on the upcoming 10 Year Reunion Survivor Amazon Podcast.

Rob has been in contact with almost everyone and hopes to have almost the entire cast present.  The plan is for a mid-February show.

Matt Divoll would like to know if Rob could hire one castaway as a personal chef, who would it be? Jonas? Mike? Keith? Someone else?

Rob and Nicole decide to keep the list to only castaways (and not Big Brother players). Nicole suggests Mikey B, but Rob isn’t sure about him as a regular chef. Rob and Nicole decide on Jonas or possibly Jerri. Jonas is professional sushi maker, which Rob and Nicole like.

Liam Carlson wants to know if Rob feels Deena was an underrated player and was not brought back?

Rob feels Deena was a very good player and should have been brought back over some others, but he feels Deena did not fit a typical demographic that is sought after.

Eric Uuksulainen wants to know if we will be hearing any more Survivor impression ringtones?

A few years back, Rob provided a Boston Rob ringtone, which can be heard on YouTube.  Rob suggested a Penner ringtone as a potential one.  He feels there are more potential Big Brother impression ringtones these days.

Mike Skall wants to know which moviecast has been Rob’s favorite.

There was a lot of positive feedback for the recent Home Alone Moviecast with Ian Terry, but his favorite one is Back To The Future with Stephen Fishback. Rob enjoyed giving all his opinions on Back To The Future as well as being able to talk like Marty McFly.

Zach Brooks would like to know how Rob’s fantasy football team finished up.

Rob is a long time fantasy football player and finally won The Tyler Perry Presents League Shmucks II!  Rob is on a roll, also recently being inducted into the Survivor Hall of Fame, and hopes to win the trifecta on Monday night during the Podcast Awards.  Hayden Moss won the Rob Has A Podcast Fantasy League.

Chris Williams would like to know if Rob would go back on Survivor and does he think he would win?

Rob would enjoy playing again. He would not enjoy all the downtime before, during and after.  Rob doesn’t think he is on the radar but Nicole feels recent events (Jeff’s endorsement, the Hall of Fame) has put Rob on the radar.  Rob still thinks it wouldn’t go well.  He believes there would still be a target on his back.  Overall, it is a very big decision he hopes never to have to make.

Adam Balaban would like to know if there are topics people have asked not to bring up prior to being interviewed?

Rob has not been asked to stay away from any topic.  He would respect people’s wishes but would never be an “attack dog” in his question anyhow.

Kenneth Gregory Jackson would like to know if Rob Has A Podcast is going to cover Big Brother Canada and The Amazing Race Canada?  Will Nicole have any more girlcasts?

Rob explains we are heading into a “perfect storm” of reality TV with Survivor Fans vs Favorites, The Amazing Race, and Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars.  He is not sure how they will see BB Canada, but will start out watching it and, if it is good, will figure out how to cover it. This will be at the expense of covering The Bachelor.  Rob and Nicole explain that their focus is on Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice, Big Brother, and the Amazing Race.

Nicole announces that there will be no more girlcasts.  She prefers to be the sidekick and is committing to making more RHAP appearances in 2013.

Devin Brown would like to know how much training the castaways get on how to conduct an exit interview?

Rob doesn’t believe any training is provided, other than being told to not spoil anything that hasn’t been broadcasted.

Katie Vallem would like to know if Rob participated in Nicole’s 39 and 12 day challenges?  Why or why not?

Nicole hosted these two challenges on her website,  The 39 day challenge was an opportunity for people to share fitness experiences and do workouts provided by Nicole to stay active for 39 consecutive days. The 12 day challenge was an opportunity to complete 12 days of workouts, post-Christmas, to work off the Christmas cookies.  Rob started the 39 day challenge but did not finish.  He does not struggle with his weight but would like to be more fit.  He resolves to workout more this year. (Editor’s note:  As do the rest of us, Rob.) He plans to make his workouts more fun by playing tennis and racketball.

Paulo Arago would like to know if Rob is a Quentin Tarantino fan and his thoughts on Django Unchained.

Rob is a Tarantino fan but not a fanatic.  He liked Django, even more than Inglorious Bastards.  He thought Christoph Waltz was great and Samuel L Jackson was hilarious.  Nicole felt Jamie Foxx was overrated.

Nathan Horch would like to know what the producers would do if a Survivor finalist had to be medically evacuated on the final day?

Stephen Fishback mentioned that JT had broken his foot on the last day and might have had to be removed from the game.  Rob explains that this is a benefit of the final 3, where they would just go to a final 2.  If there were only two finalists, Rob believes they would just have to award the win to the remaining castaway and it would be a very uneventful finale.  Rob suggests the possibility of voting from hospital bed, but Nicole feels the sympathy vote would be unfair.

Bonus Question: Ron Chan would like to know if Debb Rich will make another Rob Has A Podcast appearance?

Rob says Debb Rich will make an appearance in the future and they will probably discuss The Amazing Race.

Rob and Nicole sign off so they can have lunch and so Nicole can go to the bathroom at a Carl’s Jr.

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