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25 Listener Questions from the RHAP Community: Part II

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Back in the beginning of the year, Rob and Nicole did their first ever 25 Listener Question podcast on the road to New Media Expo. Now almost six months later, Rob and Nicole return to your questions to give you the answers that you have asked for. So sit back and relax as Rob and Nicole take you on a ride entitled “25 Listener Questions: The Sequel”

Question 1)

Julia Zeroth If a returning players season pitted “new school” survivors against “old school” survivors, who would have the edge?

Question 2)

A voicemail from Jessica Frey

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Question 3)

Brian Scally Did Reality Game Masters go as well as you expected? How many episodes will there be? And is Nicole involved in it?

Question 4)

Lisa LaForge-Rattai What niche survivor seasons would you like to see? I.E. first voted off, all winners, all runner ups?? etc…

Question 5)

Patty Toretti This probably would take a whole podcast itself, but I’d like to know more of your thoughts about social media and reality TV. I loved the RHAP article and only recently found your AMA on Reddit. So many possibilities!

Question 6)

Matt Noble I heard you and Nicole were going to be on the new season of Arrested Development. Any truth to that?

Mike Pízza Do you think Survivor ratings would benefit from being on Netflix Instant. I think that people rediscovering the show by binge watching old seasons would help the current project. As a current college student who binged watched a bunch of survivor seasons and now watches them weekly, I think this could be a boon to Survivor’s ratings.

Question 7)

Taylor Cotter What upcoming summer shows should we be watching?

Question 8)

Marcelo Campos When are you guys doing the Big Brother Jeopardy? And, besides Ian, who is playing?

Question 9)

Adrian Escobedo Who are the top contenders for Miss Survivor 2014 so far?

Question 10)

A voicemail from Seth from Ohio

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Question 11)

Steve Chung Rob, based on what you have said on your show, we know that you are very good at doing four things: a) being on survivor, b) watching tv, c) podcasting and d) bothering Nicole. What do you do when you aren’t doing any of these things?

Question 12)

Rob Alden Will there be an epic new top 20 Survivors of all time poll?

Question 13)

Lance Darnell Do you think the Boston Robcast had any influence on Boston Rob writing the Boston Rob Rules? Boston Rob.

Question 14)

Tiffany Bobb After Ian won BB and Cocharan won Survivor, are we entering a new era in which nerdy superfans win stuff?

Question 15)

Owen Craig What is the worst movie that Rob/Nicole makes you watch over and over again?

Questions 16-20 are all About Baby Cesternino

Question 16)  All About Baby Names

Sophie Clarke What are your top 5 boy and top 5 girl name choices? Also btw I would suggest Sophie but everyone is naming their kid that these days. Georgina is nice!

Amy Shapiro Are you willing to name your baby after a Survivor player?

Taylor Cotter Which intern will you be naming the baby after?

Question 17) 

Sarah Pearson Nicole how are feeling? Any morning sickness? Any weird cravings yet?

Question 18) 

Taylor Cotter Who has the more anticipated upcoming Survivor baby: the Cesterninos or the Wades?

Question 19) 

Steve Chung If you had to name a survivor as godfather/mother for your baby, who would it be?

Question 20) 

Brian Altschul If Rob had to sleep on the couch, how in the world did Nicole get pregnant??? (And congrats!)

Question 21) 

Zach Brooks With no money, time or technology restrictions what would you like to see happen with RHAP?

Question 22)

A voicemail from Matteo Von Podfelda

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Question 23)

Haley Strong How many pairs of shoes does nicole actually have, and how many boxes were required to pack those shoes for the move?

Question 24)  All About Rob’s Work

Patty Toretti Rob, you mentioned your JOB on a recent podcast.
OK, I’m gullible, but somehow I pictured you doing RHAP full time – LOL! See? I really am gullible – I even believed you and Nicole were going to be on S27.
Just curious what both of you do outside of Survivor and RHAP. I know Nicole works nights, but little else.
PS – I do my Amazon shopping through RHAP so maybe some day it can be your ONLY job.

Liz Irwin You said in a recent interview that your “real life” was interfering in your podcast life and saying you had to be at work and we would hear background noise. I thought Pod-casting WAS your work. So…what is your day job??? Do you go into an office?? Do you have coworkers? If so, what does your work desk look like?? lol!

Question 25)

Brian Belva Why does Nicole have such a stronger New York accent than Rob (I love listening to Nicole’s accent its so cool)? When/why did you choose to start ringing a bell during your podcast? Love the podcasts Rob!!

Bonus Question)

Frank Clark Did you ever in your wildest dreams think that the podcast hobby would morph into this strange and wonderful RHAP community that it has become?



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