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25 Questions from the RHAP Community: Volume 6

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Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino get back together on the podcast to answer 25 questions from the community of Rob Has a Podcast.

Question 1:

Zach Vosseler Did she eat the pizza yet?
Andra Feldman When is Nicole eating the pineapple pizza?
Stephen Lien I’ll just ask my question in emojis: ??????????
Saundra Schmidt Brook Did Nicole eat the pineapple pizza slices for you winning the podcast awards yet? I haven’t seen it.
Dean Misirlakis Nicole, when do you plan to eat a slice of pineapple pizza? Rob did end up winning 2 awards. Thanks smile emoticon
Tim Lamaster When are you going to periscope Nicole eating the pineapple ?????
Question 2:
Adam Eppler Nicole: how does it feel to be the real Knowingest Know It All (3 successful Survivor winner picks)?
Mike Burke Nicole, congratulations on picking Mike as the winner of S31. Once again, Rob failed miserably. If you could give Rob one tip when choosing his pre-season winner pick for S32 what would it be?
Darren Chan Nicole how do you feel now that you have predicted 3 survivor winners and Rob only predicted one survivor winner?
Alex Kidwell In what ways has Nicole set about reminding Rob that she had Mike as her pre-season pick and this is supposed to be his thing? wink emoticon
Question 3:
Steve Davis If you can have any contestant from season 30 babysit your son for the night, who would it be?
Question 4:

Shaun Monroe
 For Nicole- What is Rob’s most annoying quirk?
Question 5:
Matt Liguori Has Nicole ever been recognized in public by a RHAP fan? Any interesting stories about being recognized from either of you?
Question 6:
Kelsey Ann Is Nicole willing to concede now that spencer and Rob are friends?
Question 7:
Andra Feldman What are some shows that Nicole watches but Rob doesn’t?
Question 8:

Nick Fishman
 If you could pick any past survivor contestant to be married into your family, who would it be and what relation would you want that person as (brother in law, aunt, etc)?
Question 9:
Felipe Chamon You recently got Heidik on the podcast. You’ve gotten Jun Song, Boston Rob, Danielle Reyes, Big Tom, and many other big names on the show. Who do you still have on your bucket list?
Question 10:
Gareth Bate Is anyone banned from RHAP? Or you will not bring them on again or ever?
Question 11:
Jordan T. Chong If you would have won Survivor The Amazon, do you still think you would have ended up podcasting one day?
Question 12
Uyanga Bee How hectic was the life at home for the Cesterninos during the Second Chance campaigns?
Question 13
John De Greef Nicole how do you feel about Rob talking about your marriage on the podcast? Is it too personal? Am I being too personal?
Question 14:

Dallin Cervo
 Do you think Stephen is a target because of survivor know it alls? Also if you went back, do you think you would be a target because of your podcast? Or would it work in your favor?
Question 15

Nick Orr
 Were you still considering doing a poll for the RHAP audience to rank the 30 seasons of Survivor towards the end of TEOS? Or are you no longer interested in another poll after Second Chances..?
Question 16
Trevor Chong what were your top 10 favorite sound bytes this season?
Question 17
Jonathan Shapiro As the father of a 16 month old boy, I love hearing from other parents. How is Dominic – What’s he up to? How much is he talking? Any fun Dominic stories to share? In general, is parenthood what you thought it would be?
(I can tell you my son is walking and loves destroying our house on a daily basis.).
Question 18
Jeff McGinnis Who does Nicole think will win the proposed contest between Rob and Akiva?
Question 19
 John Johnston How does Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino will do if their on MBC ?
Question 20
Bryan Hickey What have been the three most surprising seasons to you in your research for TEOS? (Either good or bad)
Question 21
Julia Zeroth What is the most inspiring story you’ve heard from an RHAP listener? Or the moment you knew the podcast had transcended beyond a forum for discussing reality TV and had become a thriving community with a life of its own and the power to heal?
Question 22
Morgan Stradling What was your favorite and least favorite part of the Miss/Mr. Survivor elections? And while you’re on the topic, who are your predictions for next year’s winners?
Question 23
Kelsey Ann Are there plans in the works for another live show?
Question 24
Elisabeth Divine Reid Ames Rob & Nicole, My husband & I are expecting a baby boy in a few months, what is the most important single piece of advice you all can give us?
Question 25 and beyond
Jiff Probst Should Rob eat lots of grilled cheese sandwiches?
Nathan Bayliss What is the meaning of life?
Dave Hunter When will you introduce guests on to the Spyson Hour?

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