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For the third time ever, Rob and Nicole answer 25 questions from the RHAP community in one huge podcast. If you missed it previously, here are the links to the first two “25 Question” podcasts.

The Original 25 Question Carcast from January 2013

25 Questions Part II from May 2013

Here are the questions that are answered in the show, you’ll have to listen to hear the answers:

Question 1)  Jeff McGinnis Call it now, sight unseen: Will brawn, brains, or beauty win Survivor 28?

Question 2) Cory Bettel What is your day job?

Question 3) Jeff McGinnis What is the likelihood of a Surivor: All-Stars 10-year reunion podcast?

Question 4) Jeremy Sidabras Do you believe in New Years Resolutions? If so, what is yours for 2014?

Question 5) Tina Scheer When are they going to have a 1st Voted Off Survivor instead of seeing the same people back over & over? (Not that I don’t like those people, MOST of them I do… its just a question!)

Question 6) [–]Mr_Hendrix 4 points 1 day ago

Do you have people lined up for the roast? Can we get a name or two?Question 7) Patrick Rettger What’s your top 5 moments of reality game shows in 2013?Question 8) A voicemail from Jonathan from New York who is looking for advice about becoming a dad.Question 9) Maddy Farrell if you could choose the cast for season 29, all returnees who would you choose, who deserves to come back? Also when Is miss and mr survivor?

Question 10) Brad Craig Will there ever be a Scorned 2? Would you ever do a movie cast of the original? Maybe with FairPlay? Why doesn’t it play at midnight on Friday nights at B list movie theaters. I love this movie! Why can’t I get Kill Reality on DVD? Stop making me beg!

Question 11) Ariel leaves a voicemail and wants to know how the players will adapt in the next Survivor Blood vs Water season

Question 12) Blue Bear What are your plans for RHAP’s expansion? I know you cover a lot of shows as it is, but are there any plans to cover more scripted and reality shows? I know it’s impossible for you cover everything, but are there plans to hand over the reins to your talented and trusted RHAP correspondents to cover more shows by themselves?

Question 13) Lisa Dawn Knowing now that Matteo threw the final Immunity challenge in amazon and therefore you would have had to won to make it to the final two, what final immunity challenge in survivor history would you have had the best chance of winning over Jenna?

Question 13a) Nathan Bayliss Did you intend to keep your “deal” which you made with Jenna at the Final Immunity Challenge in Amazon?

Question 14) A voicemail from Megan who wants to know more about Nicole’s tattoo

Question 15) Ron Chan What is your biggest regret in life?

Question 16) [–]philosowalker What is it like to be on the receiving end of one of the “Screw you! You are going to win if everything stays the same!” rants like Jenna & Heidi gave to you and Hayden gave to Tyson this season?  What is one way that you think Survivor has improved since Amazon/All-Stars? One way it’s gotten worse?  And obligatory did Christy understand how to vote at FTC?

Question 17) [–]BlueJays96 Do you ever get tired of watching Survivor and doing the podcast?  Like some weeks do you find it hard to stick with the routine. If I had to talk about something for so long I feel like I would get sick of talking about 42 minutes of television for a total of around 3 and a half hours each week.  Don’t get me wrong I love listening, but I don’t know how easy it would be to do the talking.

Question 17a) Ken: Have you ever gone through a period where you thought you over it? The show? Podcasting, etc?

Question 18Michael Rogers I think they should do a whole season of retired pro athletes… Gary Sheffield, Tonya Harding, Dennis Rodman, Jose Canseco, Kristi Yamaguchi… Production makes how many millions? They should drop 5 million to get an exciting cast before the show starts.. they spend more building tribal council with Orange lighting that looks like a set than casting. Let’s have podcast about the ultimate cast, theoretical with no limits. Maybe producers will listen a light bulb will go off. $1,500/week is nice but lets get some action. It’s gotten to be like dry toast.

Question 19Stephen Drabek If you could have dinner with any 5 people ever, who would they be? (Bonus: If the situation called for it, which fast food restaurant would you take them to?)

Question 20David Grimm Why does the Survivor production crew have a fetish with making the castaways walk in a single file? I noticed in the last several seasons that they always walk in a line when leaving for Tribal Council when it would be more natural to walk beside each other. Not only that, but whenever the Survivors walk into a challenge area, the line is always in order from shortest to tallest. The girls and the Hantz’es are always in front.

Question 21) Anonymous caller wants to know the best way to send questions to RHAP discreetly.

Question 22) Bob Wolk If you had to develop a new reality show, what would it be?

Question 23) Will Hatch Who would win in a game of fictional Survivor: The cast of Lost or the cast of Game of Thrones?

Question 24) Voicemail from Parasocial Dude about a reality where Rob C. got a sitcom writing job after Survivor: The Amazon

Question 25) Clark Wilcox Will you ever host another Survivor or Big Brother Jeopardy again? Those were a blast to watch!

Bonus Question) Bill Thompson – Rob, could you please get Nicole’s opinion of this recent “Ask Me Anything” from Reddit.  Thanks!


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