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25 Questions from the RHAP Community: Volume 5

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25 Questions From the RHAP Community: Volume 5

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Rob and Nicole Cesternino once again get back together to record another “25 Questions from the RHAP Community: Volume 5”.

Question 1:

Daniel Monroe: What five players would you invite it fantasy dinner party who were on survivor? Who would you invite for one for Big Brother?

Question 2:

Tom Polite: How do you intend to maintain your reputation as the “bad boy” of reality TV podcasting in 2015?

Question 3:

Felipe Chamon: Top 10 Reality TV Moments of 2014 from Race, Survivor, BB16, BB Canada?

Question 4:

Christopher Nowak: In a lot of your Survivor: All-Stars exit interviews, you talked about wanting to go into stand-up comedy. Could you talk a little more about how this went and why you’re not pursuing it anymore?

Question 5:

Innessa Melamed:  Y do u really think Probst & Burnett decided not to do an all-star season 30? Pre-season alliances maybe? Too expected maybe? It’s too bad, it would have been very entertaining. I don’t buy probst’s explanation in that article.

Question 6:

Logan Messenger: If you could switch lives with one Survivor player from San Juan Del Sur for one day, who would it be?

Question 7:

Voicemail from Dan Sinensky

Question 8:

Luis Dieguez Lopez Portillo: Its 15 years later, we are about to start season 30 of Survivor, and the grand prize is still one million dollars. Isn’t it time to up the ante? A million dollars may have been impressive on 2000, but with inflation and stuff, it no longer is. Increasing the price money should also encourage players to be more cut throat and willing to do more big moves to win the money.

Question 9a:

Jordan T. Chong: If you had one to have one person represent you on a season of Survivor and Big Brother with your life on the line, who would it be?

Question 9a:

Lee Whitten [email protected]_Whitten: Who would you choose to represent you in a game of Survivor with your life on the line: Purple Kelly, Rancher Rick, or J’Tia?

Question 10:

Jeff Schwartz [email protected]Reality Blurred reports that you’re moving again. Is this code for the 2 of you going on Blood vs. Water 3?

Question 11:

Marc Percy: If both of you could change one thing about each other, what would it be? And on the flip side, what is the main thing that you love about each other?

Question 12:

Justin Feinberg: With the RHAP five year anniversary coming, what has been your favorite season of reality TV (any show) to podcast about? Your least favorite? Nicole’s favorite and least favorite (from when she co-hosted more regularly)?

Question 13:

Albert Vargas: Nicole, Rob has done a great job increasing the size and and improving the quality of the RHAP network in 2014. What would you like to see Rob accomplish on a personal level in 2015.

Question 14:

Brandon Davis: Are you pleased with the results of Evolution of Strategy so far? Did you come away with different feelings about particular seasons?

Question 15:

Alexandra Woodward: What’s the coverage going to be looking like for BB Canada? Trying to find a new live feed correspondent? Will there be one show per episode or just one per week? etc…

Question 16:

Dan Heaton: Where do see podcasts going in the next few years? They’ve received a lot more attention because of Serial and other recent shows. Are they set up to take off even further?

Question 17:

Matt Holtzclaw: Watching television is usually a family bonding experience, has being the first family of podcasting ruined that aspect of television watching for you guys?

Question 18:

@TeddyBluebea: In celebration of Back the Future anniversary what would 2015 rob say to his 2013 self. And vice versa for Nicole.

Question 19:

Bob Phelan: What are the odds of getting Probst-cast 2.0? Feels like the tide has changed a bit since his last appearance with a focus on all new players.

Question 20:

Nick Orr: Are you planning to run a RHAP poll to rank the Survivor Seasons after S30/TEOS is complete (like the Top 20 Survivors one/s)?

Question 21:

Zachary Chong: What other podcasts do you listen to?

Question 22:

Stephen Fox: Can we have more Nicole on the podcast. Miss her regular opinions

Question 23:

Kathryn Breazeale: Can we here a “Dominic did something adorable/hilarious” story? Not sure there’s THAT much overlap between reality super fans and people who love a cute baby story, but I will smile!

Question 24:

Dan Sinensky: What is something Nicole wants Rob to podcast about (which he currently doesn’t cover)?

Question 25:

Paul Borges: Would either of you allow the other to constantly post butt shots on instagram if it helped pay the bills.


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