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May 2012

05/30/12 = Survivor Shannon Elkins joins Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino are back to discuss the latest happenings for Emily Maynard on this week’s edition of The Bachelorette on a LIVE edition of Rob Has a Web Show

05/26/12 - Rob Cesternino is joined in person by Stephen Fishbach to discuss all of your suggestions on how to improve Survivor on Saturday, 5/26 and hear from fellow Survivors Matthew Quinlan and Troyzan.

05/29/12 - Bachelorette Blogger, Parasocial Dude is back to review all of Emily's kisses from week three of the Bachelorette and reveal which of the kisses was the fairest of them all.

05/28/12 - Now that season 37 of Saturday Night Live is in the books, what were the best sketches and moments from the year gone by. Rob Cesternino and Rich Tackenberg hand out awards in a number of categories to reward the achievement of the best of SNL.

05/25/12 - In the return of the Friggin Five, Rob and Nicole discuss the Idol Finale, Preview the Glass House, Discuss Bill Clinton's latest photo op, Guess Kim Spradlin's animal lookalikes and discuss Dan Harmon leaving Community.

05/23/12 - After this Saturday's touching farewell to Kristen Wiig, SNL has wrapped up another season. Rich Tackenberg joins Rob to discuss this month's SNL offerings from Mick Jagger, Will Ferrell and Eli Manning in an all new podcast.

05/23/12 - Rob Has a Web Show is back on Wednesday, May 23rd at 12:00 pm ET / 9:00 am PT. Rob Cesternino and Nicole are ready to discuss Emily Maynard's latest round of dates and Arsenio's victory over Clay on Celebrity Apprentice.

05/22/12 - Bachelorette Emily went on her first round of dates this week, selecting Ryan for her first pick. They spent a day making cookies and had a nice dinner where Emily said she thought Ryan was perfect. Bachelorette Blogger, Parasocial Dude, thinks the happy couple reminded him more of X-men Gambit and Rogue in a new guest post.

05/21/12 - Now that the dust has settled on Celebrity Apprentice and Arsenio Hall has won, did the right person win? Rob breaks down why he thinks Arsenio won over Clay Aiken with Celebrity Apprentice blogger Jordan Kalish on our Celebrity Apprentice finale podcast.

05/18/12 - Rob and Nicole are back to take your dating and relationship questions LIVE on Friday, 5/18 at 10 pm ET / 7 pm PT. Ask your video questions live and submit your text questions to get expert advice from the happiest couple of all, Rob and Nicole