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Julie Berry was a cast member of Survivor: Vanuatu, a game that saw the women take control of the game after the merge. However, on Survivor Vanuatu the women lost control as Chris Daugherty, the only man left in the game, managed to outwit, outplay and outlast all the women to become the sole Survivor. Julie Berry joins Rob Cesternino to discuss the differences between her season and Survivor: One World and her thoughts heading into Sunday night’s finale.

Rob Cesternino is LIVE after the winner is revealed and Live Reunion show of Survivor: One World

Rob brings up that he thinks that Alicia Rosa blew the game for herself when she got manipulated by Kim Spradlin into voting out Tarzan.  Rob felt like Alicia was in a great position, especially after winning the immunity challenge and now believes that she handed the game over to Tarzan.  Rob felt like Alicia’s mistake was in not targeting Sabrina Thompson if she felt like Tarzan was secretly trying to get to the final three with him.

Julie, like Rob, thinks that Kim’s game has been phenomenal and would be very surprised if somehow she didn’t win the game on Sunday night.  Julie and Rob run through a number of scenarios but can’t come up with a way that the women will somehow get rid of Kim before the final three.

Rob asks Julie is she will ever go back and play Survivor, but Julie reveals that she is no longer eligible to play in the game.  Julie says that while dating Jeff Probst, she saw too much of the behind the scenes production and now can never be on the show again.  Julie answers a number of questions from the listeners about whether she would let Tarzan wear her clothes, the earthquake in Vanuatu and which Survivor players she keeps in touch with.

Later in the show, Rob is joined by Rose-Anne Cesternino in honor of Mother’s Day.  Rose-Anne explains why she enjoyed Tarzan this season when in the past she was annoyed by Phillip Sheppard and Coach.  Rose-Anne also describes her experience with being a loved one on Survivor: The Amazon.  Rob ends the show by answering some of the comments from the listeners left on Rob has a Website and the Facebook Fan Page.

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