Kat E. Remarks: An Interview with Survivor Kat Edorsson

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This week on Survivor, Kat Edorsson became the latest player to be to be voted out of the tribe. Kat became the first of the women to be voted out after the merge on Survivor: One World. Kat joins Rob Cesternino to talk about the shock of being voted out and her time on Survivor One World.

Rob asks Kat about why the other women in the tribe decided to turn on her. Was she voted out because Chelsea Meissner and Sabrina Thompson thought she was selfish or was it because Alicia felt like Kat was tough in the competition. Rob asks Kat if she realized that Chelsea and Sabrina had such hard feelings about her in the game. Does Kat wish that she would’ve taken Tarzan and Christina on the reward challenge instead.

Did Kat know that Kim Spradlin was lobbying so hard to keep her in the game? Rob asked Kat if Troyzan’s exit out of the game had anything to do with the women seeing Kat differently? Kat said that Troyzan really hurt her in the game because the other girls, Chelseas specifically, felt like that Kat would get the jury votes of Troyzan and many of the other men in the game.

Rob wants to know if there was a Survivor showmance going on between Kat and Michael Jefferson this season? Kat doesn’t completely deny this but she doesn’t really think that she is the kind of girl that the guys are really in to. Kat says that she was also hurt by the votes that she got at tribal council. Kat looks very closely at the use of capitalization and punctuation to tell when somebody really wants to get somebody out of the game.

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