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As Recapped by the Survivor enthusiast and RHAP intern, Amy (@RHAPrecapper

All season long, Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino have been watching Survivor One World with an expert eye. Now on Sunday Night, May 13th the winner of Survivor One World will be crowned. Rob and Nicole will get your reactions LIVE at 11:15 pm ET to see whether Kim Spradlin can bring home the victory or if she will be upset by Sabrina Thompson, Chelsea Meissner, Alicia Rosa or Christina Cha.

We’ll be breaking down everything from the two-hour Survivor One World finale and live reunion show thereafter. Rob and Nicole will be taking your text questions and video calls to get your immediate reactions to the announcement of the winner of Survivor One World. Plus we’ll cover all of the Survivor Tweets from Finale Night and discuss the preview for Survivor 25.

Rob and Nicole break down the win from Kim Spradlin by a total of 7-2 become the latest Survivor Millionaire. Rob opens the show by asking if Kim’s win was the most dominant by any female Survivor player and if Kim is the only alpha-female to win the game of Survivor. Rob and Nicole compare Kim’s game to various other Survivor players like Parvati Shallow.

Rob and Nicole start off talking about what seemed to be a foregone conclusion all season: Kim’s win. Chelsea wins the “Fishy,” joining the likes of Albert, Sash, Mick, and Fishbach in the esteemed “no votes” club.

Rob and Nicole debate whether Kim is the best female winner. Rob is Team Kim; Nicole is Team Parvati. Rob asserts that Kim is the only alpha female to win the game.Rob thinks Kim is a carbon copy of Boston Rob in Redemption Island but also says she’s a female Brian Heidik– an ice queen. Rob’s new bucket list RHAP guest is Kim’s ex husband.

Rob thought Sabrina had a chance to win at one point when Kat said she was a good speaker. Then Rob realized that it’s a safe bet to pick the opposite of what Kat is predicting. They also talk about Alicia’s bravado at Final Tribal Council. Rob imparts these sage words: “If you have to declare it, it’s probably not true.”

They also discuss how much luck factored into Kim’s win. In this discussion, Rob finds a way to compare Kim Spradlin to Kramer from Seinfeld. Rob thinks Alicia’s big downfall was getting rid of Tarzan– and he will never understand why she wanted to go to the end with Kim.

Next, Nicole reveals that one of the challenges caused her to experience weiner hallucinations.

Rob and Nicole’s overall impression was that the finale was lackluster: not bitter enough and perhaps a little too estrogeny. They disagree over the return of fallen comrades. Rob appears to be a bit enchanted by Off-the-island Nina. He and Nicole ponder whether Tarzan “worked” on her.

Rob also test-drives a Chelsea impression. He says she’s the Kenny Powers of Survivor and an expert humble-bragger. Rob and Nicole struggle to explinate Sabrina’s FTC strategy– they think she could have pulled a Sandra in Heroes vs. Villains, but really dropped the ball. Rob also does an impression of Jonas’s awkwardness toward Chelsea.

Overall, this season gets a thumbs-down from Rob and Nicole. There were some characters (e.g. Tarzan, Troyzan, Alicia Rosa) but many people who didn’t bring a lot to the table. They think Troyzan was the most bitter juror. Rob also discloses his zero-tolerance stance on jurors, such as Tarzan, who deliver random soliloquies rather than ask questions. Future jurors take note: Get a YouTube Channel for that kind of thing!

Rob and Nicole then delve into “Better On or Off the Island” and discuss the airtime devoted to Colton’s mom, Mayim Bialik, and Random Audience Guy who compared Colton to Russell Hantz. They also talk about Jeff Probst getting Roostered and Bill Posley’s “Soul Glo” look. Rob believes Bill has gotten angrier since his RHAP exit interview.

Looking ahead to the next season of Survivor, Rob is not a fan of the 3 tribes set-up. Rob and Nicole also speculate about who from One World could come back for All-Stars, and who will be likely RHAP guests next season.

Be sure to look out for Rob’s interviews with the final 5 tomorrow and tune in to Rob Has a Web Show on Wednesday for more Survivor talk, as well as The Bachelorette and Howard Stern on America’s Got Talent.

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