The Best Moments of ‘Survivor One World’ on Rob Has a Podcast

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Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino have just finished another season of podcasting about Survivor, this time discussing every episode of Survivor: One World. In this podcast, Rob Cesternino hosts a recap of all of the best moments on Rob Has a Podcast from this past season of Survivor. You will hear from every Survivor from this season, (before the final five) and hear from each of our Survivor guests as we tell she story of how we started with two tribes (divided into men and women) living on one beach and ended up with Kim Spradlin winning one million dollars.

Use the Guide below to skip to your favorite parts:

2.05 – Rob/Nicole Winner Picks
4.25 – Corinne Kaplan on Michael Jefferson
6.43 – Corinne Kaplan on Matt Quinlan
8.10 – Kourtney Moon update
10.05 – John Cochran on The One World Format
14.15 – Nina Acosta on Alicia Rosa
15.30 – Chris Daugherty on Colton Cumbie
17.55 – Chris Daugherty Plays ding marry kill
19.50 – Matt Quinlan’s exit interview
22.38 – Coby and Sandra Diaz-Twine on Matt Quinlan’s game
24.16 – Bill Posley reacts to being called “Ghetto Trash”
26.20 – Jeff Varner on the men’s decision to go to tribal after winning immunity
28.37 – Jeff Varner on wanting to adopt Colton
29.50 – Monica Culpepper exit interview
31.15 – Dawn Meehan compares the Survivors to her bread
36.11 – Richard Hatch on Colton Cumbie
38.44 – Colton Cumbie responds to Richard Hatch
40.42 – Colton talks about his status in the game
42.33 – Vecepia Robinson on how Colton leaving was like Boston Rob getting voted out
46.00 – Jonas Otsuji on Tarzan
47.20 – The “It’s Dirt” Song
48.50 – Aras on the smart women of Survivor One World
50.45 – Rob and Nicole recount Jeff Probstt’s inappropriate comments
54.60 – Michael Jefferson on his relationship with Troyzan
58.40 -Tarzanic 3D
1.01.08 – Jay Byars on getting played by the women
1.02.29 – Sophie Clarke compares Kim to herself
1.05.15 – Leif highlights
1.05.36 – Tyson on Troyzan’s plan at Final 9
1.08. 05 – Tyson’s sandwich story
1.10.30 – Troyzan talks about his game
1.14.30 – John Fincher on Kim’s Bad Day
1.17.05 – John Fincher is a poser
1.20.00 – Russel Hantz says John Fincher is pretty
1.21.44 – Billy Garcia makes a 7up commercial
1.23.10 – Kat Edorsson on how the Family Visit cost her the game
1.25.55 – Kat on voting étiquette
1.27.35 – Jerri Manthey on the inevitability of Kim winning
1.28.30 – Jerri on Rupert running for governor
1.30.00 – Tarzan on working with the women
1.32.42 – Julie Berry on making declarations
1.34.12 – Rob and Julie on Alicia’s decision to vote out Tarzan
1.37.00 – Kim Spradlin describes when she knew she would win
1.38.40 – Alicia Rosa sings

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