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Rob Cesternino brings you some of the most requested clips from Rob Has a Podcast in 2015.  To hear the full episodes of the clips in this podcast click the links below:

4:30 – Natalie Anderson talks about Baylor & Missy’s birthday party contest from “Natalie Anderson Explains How She Won Survivor San Juan Del Sur

11:10 – Rob and Amy H. parody SERIAL for the Road to the Podcast Awards Series from “Road to the Podcast Awards Bonus | The Undecided Voter

19:00 – Mike Bloom raps from “Sophie Clarke Recaps Worlds Apart Episode 8

23:00 – Rob has fun with Dan Foley’s inspirational comments on the voicemails with David Bloomberg from “Sandra Diaz Twine Recaps Worlds Apart Episode 11

27:25 – Debb Eaton urges Jeff Varner not to kill any octopi if he returns to Survivor in “Survivor: Second Chances | Jeff Varner Interview

30:30 – Keith Nale discusses living in Keithville in “Survivor: Second Chances | Keith Nale Interview

32:25 – Brian Heidik quotes Biggie Smalls to Rob in “Catching Up with Brain Heidik

34:24 – Shane Powers discusses what draws him to want to play Survivor again in “The Survivor Funeral of Shane Powers

42:45 – Rodney Lavoie does Dirty 30 impression to review The Entourage Movie in “Catching Up with S30’s Rodney Lavoie

47:04 – Rob says Johnny Mac and Steve are losers after the Big Brother 17 Double Eviction in “Big Brother 17 Episode 32 Recap with Ian Terry

53:15 – Randy Bailey hangs up on Rob after he didn’t like the parody songs Rob played in “Randy Bailey Recaps Cambodia Episode 4″

59:25 – Boston Rob on the psychology of Survivor from “Boston Rob Mariano Recaps Survivor Cambodia Episode 13

1:03:50 – Mike Bloom discusses the prospects of the 5-piece puzzle returning for a 3rd chance in “Survivor Cambodia Episode 13 Voicemail with Mike Bloom

If you’re new to Rob Has a Podcast… Listen to our Previous RHAPPY HOLIDAYS shows in the archives.

Once again, Rob Cesternino brings you the timeless holiday classic “RHAPPY HOLIDAYS” talking with a number of guests to bring you good tidings and cheer.





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