Erin Cebula on ET Canada’s Game Changers Coverage & Gillain Larson on Reality Rally 2017

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ET Canada’s Erin Cebula Talks about her Pre-Game Experience on Survivor Game Changers and Gillain Larson on the Reality Rally 2017

Rob has a jam packed podcast previewing the new season with Erin Cebula from ET Canada and discussing the upcoming Reality Rally with Gillain Larson from Survivor Gabon

Erin Cebula on Interviewing All Survivor 20 Game Changers (Starts at 5:15)

This past June, Erin Cebula (@celebula) was part of the ET Canada crew that joined the Survivor press corp to interview all 20 game changers on location.  Rob and Erin discuss many of the takeaways from Erin’s insightful interviews with the cast.  Rob points out many of the surprising developments he got from Erin’s videos.  Plus, Erin discusses what Jeff Probst was talking about before the start of the season.

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ET Canada Survivor Home Page

Erin Cebula on Twitter

Erin Cebula on Instagram

Post Tribal – The ET Canada Survivor Podcast with Erin and Parvati Shallow on iTunes


Gillian Larson on Reality Rally 2017 (Starts at 49:50)

Gillian Larson discusses what’s coming up at the 7th annual Reality Rally in Temecula, CA from April 6th – 8th, 2017.

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Reality Rally on Facebook

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