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2/23/15 - Spencer Pratt and Tyson Apostol are back to discuss Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Episode 7 and much more

2/16/15 - Tyson Apostol and Spencer Pratt recap Marriage Boot Camp Episode 6

2/09/15 - Spencer Pratt and Tyson Apostol recap going in to the Shoctogan on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Episode 5

2/01/15 - Spencer & Tyson recap Marriage Boot Camp episode 4 and their thoughts on the outcome of the Superbowl on The Spyson Hour

1/26/15 - Spencer Pratt & Tyson Apostol join Rob to discuss episode 3 of WETV's Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars and much more

1/19/14 - Spencer Pratt & Tyson Apostol return to recap week 2 of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

1/12/14 - Tyson Apostol and Spencer Pratt talk "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars" with Rob and special guest, Andy Denhart

12/13/14 - Is the Amazing Race 2014 rigged? Jessica Liese tries to settle it once and for all.

10/21/14 - Who would win a Survivor season with the cast of "The Walking Dead"?

The Know-It-Alls Think Tank 2

Aug 30, 2014 - The latest show to get the Rise and Fall treatment is the beloved The Mole series. Aaron Robertson is joined by Nick Fishman as he tries to answer the questions “Who is the Mole?” and “What is the story behind the Mole?”

8/06/14 - Rob recaps the season premiere of HBO's Hard Knocks with Erik Benjamin

August 3, 2014 - Reality TV and podcasts are everywhere now but what about several years ago? In these podcasts we'll take a look back and some of those older shows and discuss what worked, what didn't work and how the show rose or fell in Reality TV.

7/29/14 - Talking with Steven Brandon from VH1's Dating Naked and Alingon Mitra from Last Comic Standing

7/02/14 - Friend of the podcast, Jason Somerville, calls in to tell Rob how he won $1.3 million over the weekend.